Baby Development In Womb: 7 Weeks Pregnant

Hi Mom: I am growing.

Though very small in size, your baby is developing rapidly.

Let’s take you through Week-7.

Baby’s growth:

Every individual has to get adapted to their surroundings. Similarly, your baby has to get adapted to the uterus conditions, and it is just doing that.

The umbilical cord has already developed by this time. All throughout your pregnancy, this cord bridges you with your baby.

The baby would get oxygen and food through this cord and the waste material of the baby also comes out of this cord.

Digestive tract and also lungs formation persists.

You must be very anxious and eager to know how the baby’s face would look like.

Well, have patience. Now the baby’s face is getting shape gradually. This week the following facial features turn out to be more distinct: ears, eyes, nostrils, and mouth.

Baby Development in womb 7 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development in womb 7 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development in womb 7 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development in womb 7 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s changes:

Many modifications take place in the cervix due to your pregnancy.

By now the development of mucous plug takes place. Its formation takes place on the cervical canal opening wherein your uterus is sealed off for protective measures.

In due course, you lose this plug as the cervix opens up while preparing for labor.

You may have normal symptoms of pregnancy just like the previous week.

Losing or gaining a few pounds is normal during this stage. A caregiver at this point is very essential and crucial.

So choose someone whom you trust and can bank upon, as she would be always there at the beck and call.

Let’s share with you some tips for morning sickness. Please ensure that your stomach won’t get entirely empty or excessively full.

You can take the help of real ginger. Drinking ginger tea or ale or ginger capsules may help. You can also suck raw lemons, which also helps.

Father’s role:

You should without fail carry on the cleaning of the litter box, which would act as a preventive measure; else chances are there for your baby getting infected through the placenta.

The week’s inspiration:

The formation of different features of your baby has started. Dreaming about your baby playing in the courtyard? Surely this would happen.

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