Baby Development In Womb: 6 Weeks Pregnant

Hi Mom. Can you hear your baby’s heartbeat?

This week a lot of excitement unveils within you. Now you have two hearts beating together.

Let’s take you through Week-6.

Baby’s growth:

The nervous system and the brain of your baby are developing rapidly.

The optic vesicles start developing this week just beside the head which afterward shapes out to be your baby’s eyes.

Tiny buds appear which grows into the arms and the legs.

Yes mom, now your baby’s heart is also beating just like yours. You must be very anxious to hear it! Well, for this you have to hold on for some time.  An ultrasound examination can perceive Your baby’s heartbeat.

During this time the respiratory system along with the digestive system are also in the formation stage.

Interested to know your baby’s size? It measures 0.08 inches to 0.2 inches starting from rump to crown.

Baby Development 6 Weeks Pregnant
Baby Development 6 Weeks Pregnant
Baby Development 6 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development 6 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development 6 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s changes:

You may be grumbling this week and have a lot of complaints.

Do not worry, as these are normal pregnancy-related complaints with every pregnant mother.

At this point in time, your body fine-tunes to pregnancy requirements wherein you may experience more fatigued. Vomiting, nausea, aching breasts, and vomiting are the normal features, which you would be getting familiar with.

You may experience morning sickness at any time or throughout the day.

Do not get astonished if the queasy stomach not passing by noon. Nausea, hormonal changes, unwanted material getting flushed out might make you use the toilet frequently.

At this stage your fluid requirement has enhanced, surely drink an adequate quantity of water for hydration during severe vomiting.

Food habits and treatments should be well taken care of.

Alcohol and drugs to be avoided and also treatments related to hair coloring, manicures, perms, etc should be strictly avoided.

Father’s role:

Your role is very important now towards the Mom. You should ensure a healthy diet rich in carbohydrates and protein.
Take over the household tasks which generally the Mom does and advised her to take rest.

The week’s inspiration:

You can only see the Mom in front of you, but you are two now. So just put on the music and enjoy it!

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