Baby Development In Womb: 31 Weeks Pregnant

One should be very watchful about the baby’s health during this period. Checks on the additional and insufficient fluids are to be maintained this week.

Let’s take you through Week-31.

Baby’s growth:

By this time the baby is urinating daily, roughly quite a few cups, which goes into the amniotic fluid. Your baby is also consuming amniotic fluid, and it is reinstated many times daily.

The additional fluid present in the so-called amniotic sac signals that your baby is not consuming usually or some gastrointestinal obstruction exists.Baby Development In Womb: 31 Weeks Pregnant

The additional or the excess fluid is termed as polyhydramnios. If insufficient fluid exists in its amniotic sac, then your baby is not passing urine appropriately, wherein signifying trouble in the urinary tract or the kidneys.

The insufficient or inadequate fluid is termed as oligohydramnios. Your health care instructor must be monitoring the amniotic fluid levels as a routine checkup.

At this stage there is a slight slowdown on the growth process whereas a speedy development of the brain takes place.

Amongst the major organs, only the lungs remain to be fully developed. In case if you are carrying a boy, the testes start descending towards the scrotum from “body cavity”.

Mother’s changes

You must be wondering whether the baby should be formula feed or breastfeed. Though the best-recommended form is breastfeeding, it’s up to you to choose the nutrition for your personal one.

If you are having difficulty in deciding, then take the help of your health care instructor or locate the best lactation consultant and talk to him.

Your milk glands in the breasts probably have initiated to produce colostrums, the pre-milk which gives your baby – nutrients, and calories for the initial days in case if you have planned to breastfeed.

In some instances it is watery and slim, and some yellowish and thick. If you come across colostrums leaking from your breasts, then take the help of washable or disposable breast pads for protecting your clothes.

Father’s role:

In this 3rd trimester, mom requires you the most. She would grumble and complain to you about daily discomforts due to pregnancy. You should pay complete attention to her and assist her in relaxing.

The week’s inspiration:

Give mom the best possible care now. At the end of the day, your baby gains!

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