Baby Development In Womb: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy has periods of unrest and the closer you get to the date of delivery, you have trouble getting a night of good sleep.

This is the time to face a lot of anxiety, leg cramps, heartburn, frequent urination, and general discomfort.

You should remember that your baby’s health is important and he fares well with your getting good sleep.

You can try soothing music, a warm bath, a book or a cup of herbal tea to soothe your nerves.

The physicians would like you to sleep on your sides and not on your back so that the blood flows evenly to the placenta without any restriction.

You can try this with a pillow between your knees so that you can lie well on your side.

Mother’s Changes 

You can still feel the flips and kicks inside you as your baby moves around. Your uterus is above your belly button and you can even see your abdomen move.Baby Development In Womb: 24 Weeks Pregnant

This is the time when you can experience some mood swings, but there is nothing to fear.

These are normal and when you are feeling low, think of positive thoughts and be good to yourself.

This week you can experience fullness in the pelvic region, contractions that recur often enough, discharge from the vagina, membrane ruptures, and a lot of cramping.

Baby’s Growth 

The baby weighs almost a pound at this time and the body gets evenly proportioned.

The bones in the ear begin to get hard. If the baby is born prematurely during this week, there is a chance that he can survive.

But he should not venture out now. So let him stay inside a few weeks more.

Father’s Role 

Here are some upcoming ideas for the would-be Dad. You can do something nice this week for her like doing the laundry.

You can bring home some dinner after work and remember to do all this without being asked. Let mom know how special she is to the family and you. This would make you a special person too.

The week’s Inspiration 

Pregnancy is happiness – the ushering of a new life! It is a process and as Judy Ford calls it is surrender on your part to the unseen force in life.

Surrender to the Higher Power ruling all our lives take care of your life and your family’s and to steer you forth on the right path.

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