Baby Development In Womb: 37 Weeks Pregnant

Is the bag you would be carrying to the hospital packed yet? The baby could be coming any time now!

Mother’s Changes 

You could experience some vaginal discharge this time as there would be more mucous from the cervix that would cause the labor. You must learn what position is you, baby, in.

If your baby is breech the care provider would advise you to go for a cesarean section.

And if you are going to breastfeed your baby, you have to make arrangements. If you are going to be out working the care provider would tell you how you can keep the breast milk in bottles before you leave for work.

After this week, the mucous plug that had sealed your uterus would be off. The mucous plug can be lost a few days or weeks before the labor and it is thick yellowish fluid mixed with blood and it is also called the bloody show.

The cervix would dilate for preparing for the labor and the plug would be discharged. If you have any discharge before you visit the hospital, be sure to speak to the care provider.

You would have gained around 35 pounds and the uterus is about six and a half inches above the naval. You must visit the practitioner every week.

The baby continues to exert pressure and you would face small and mild pains which are also termed as false labor.

This makes you ready to take on more severe labor pains. You must continue with your exercises and breathing exercises daily.

Baby’s Growth 

The weight of the baby is around 6.5 pounds now. The baby practices breathing movements for she is preparing to come outside the womb. His breathing becomes firmer and she starts turning towards the light.

This week the baby is full term but he has not stopped growing and he develops fat around 14 grams in a day.

Boys weigh a little more than girls. The baby has learned to have coordination on his fingers. If he is shown a bright light, he will turn towards the light while he is in the uterus.

The baby would be twenty inches in length. She gains weight at a steady pace and will continue to do so even in pregnancy. She has now taken the position of birth and she is capable of turning around during the final delivery stages. Your baby prepares to step into this world.

Father’s Role 

Are you ready? Well, ready is just not the word. You should get set and go…

It is serious but if you are organized and have planned everything beforehand you would face no problem. You can have a list of things that you would have to arrange for and that would save a lot of time and hassle.

Make short notes on the road to the hospital and if it is blocked for some reason which road can you take on an emergency, packing mom’s bag, wherein you could carry a change if you are straight there from the office.

You have to arrange where the older child/children can stay. The camera and the video recorder can be kept in the car.

You have to arrange an infant seat in the car. You have to make a note of the phone numbers which you might not recall in a tense situation.

There are thousands of other things but when you think of them in your mind, make a note actually in pen and paper and there you would be the proud father with every duty done to the Time.

The inspiration of the day 

Every birth is a message from God that is being unfolded.

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