Baby Development In Womb: 33 Weeks Pregnant

You are welcome to week 33

This week there are a number of important changes.

Mother’s Changes 

As the baby grows inside the mother’s body is undergoing a series of changes.

Your body is slowly and gradually getting prepared for childbirth. You have gained almost a pound.

You have mild edema which is quite normal but if you have very bad headaches, see flashing lights and spots and there is a sudden increase in the swelling of feet, especially in the case of the face, and at the same time you are feeling sick, and you have vomiting and nausea, you have to contact your doctor.Baby Development In Womb:  33 Weeks Pregnant 1

You could be having pre-eclampsia which is a condition caused due to high blood pressure and is a very serious state in pregnancy. Your appetite may somewhat diminish due to stomach cramps.

At this stage, you might be asked to make a confirmed decision on circumcision but you must think it over before you make any decision.

This is the time when you should take ample care of yourself. You must understand that taking care of yourself will help to take care of the baby.

Therefore you should treat it as a priority and take ample care of yourself.

Baby’s Growth 

During this month the amniotic fluid is at its topmost level and the amount will remain the same after delivery.

There has been a rapid growth in the brain and this has increased the head of the baby.

The fat continues to grow And the skin color of the baby turns from red to pink. The space inside the stomach is confined and the movement of the baby is not so intense now although it is more and more frequent.

Father’s Role 

Mom has been very busy this week. In spite of her physical hindrances, she is in a joyful mood because of the coming one of the baby. So you can help her out with the list of friends, co-workers, relatives, and others. This is how to get started.

The inspiration of the day 

You can get yourself involved in a task that requires a lot of skill. This would help you keep off from physical problems.

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