Baby Development In Womb: 40 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations, you have just stepped into the last week of pregnancy.

Every baby comes into this world at its own sweet time so he can come in any minute now. Relax and enjoy this wonderful experience. You are not posting due to 42 weeks is reached.

Mother’s Changes 

Your care provider is sure to tell you if your pregnancy has carried on long enough. Some moms welcome the thought as they are too nervous about going into labor. The others however would rather have the baby out soon.Baby Development In Womb: 40 Weeks Pregnant

This week you would have to go through the moment you have been so far waiting for – the coming on of the baby.

But before you met the baby, you have to go through labor. The prenatal classes must have taught you about the 3 stages of birth.

The first stage is where the cervix is being stretched by the contraction of the uterus at intervals. The second stage is where you have to push the baby out into the vaginal canal and then out of your body and the third stage is the ultimate stage where the placenta is delivered.

If you do not go into labor within the due date, you have to inform the care provider, who would give you a test where the fetal heart rate is measured along with the baby’s movements.

Sometimes your membrane has to be artificially ruptured. This can also be done by medications or by administering hormones.

You might have to go for delivery under the cesarean section if you have some complications. You might be able to prepare yourself a little if you know the date when the operation would be conducted.

Even if your baby is born under the cesarian section, you would have a bond with the baby. You might not have experienced labor pain.

But your beautiful baby has arrived at last. The months of waiting are gone at last.

Baby’s Growth 

After much waiting, the baby is here. Delivering on estimated due dates is not a common happening for all moms.

Many mothers deliver some two weeks after the due date. A baby weight around seven pounds when he is born in 40 weeks. Often the baby’s skin is discolored and his head does not have a proper shape. But that would get all right with time.

The baby’s genitals may appear very much enlarged due to hormones in the baby’s system.

Just after birth, mucous would be pumped out of your baby’s nose and mouth and you will hear the baby’s long-awaited cry. There will be the cutting of the umbilical cord.

If your baby needs some postnatal care especially he would be given. Then the newborn would be placed in your arms.

Father’s Role 

Try to get some sleep because you would be needed at all times and that would not deprive you of sleep. Plan everything.

The inspiration of the day 

It is worth the long wait – you see an angel before you, God’s gift to you after a long, patient wait.

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