Baby Development 3 weeks pregnant

The miracle happens!

Hello would-be mum! You must have enjoyed the last two weeks. We have lots of interesting updates to share with you.

Let’s take you through Week-3.

Baby’s growth

Still, you may have the feeling that you are not yet pregnant.

But let me share with you with a smile that a baby is already in the development stage.

You must be curious to know the development now.

Your baby has been conceived. Initially, the eggs, which got fertilized, undergo a process of splitting up.

Approximately after 30 hours of fertilization, the egg splits into 2 cells, then 4 cells, and so on during it’s way to the uterus.

While approaching the uterus, these clusters of cells resemble a tiny ball-like shape, which is known as a morula.

The feature of the morula is hollow from inside which is filled with fluid, which is then termed as the blastocyst.

The blastocyst gets connected automatically to the so-called endometrium.

The uterus has a lining, which is known as an Endometrium. This development is known as implantation.

The process of implantation inside the uterus is a vital association. The developing embryo is endowed with nutrients by the endometrium.

The waste is also removed by the endometrium. Gradually the enlargement of the implantation site takes place to form a placenta.


Baby Development 3 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development 3 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development 3 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development 3 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development 3 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s changes:

Specified nutrients, protein, iron and calcium are very much required for the baby’s nourishment.

Please remember that the intake of folic supplements still continues which is extremely vital because neural tube shortcomings are taken care of by supplements of folic acid.

Protein intake should be augmented now for the generation of new tissues. The teeth and the bones require adequate calcium for its development too.

For this, you need to ensure a good quantity of green vegetables leafy in nature, dairy products, and legumes too.

For your baby’s blood quantity enhancement, the intake of iron is indispensable. Excellent resources of iron comprise red meat, eggs, legumes, and green vegetables leafy in nature.

Father’s role:

Not much of it now. Be ready for a considerable change soon in life.

The week’s inspiration:

You must be nurturing a thought at the back of your mind whether it is a boy or a girl inside you.

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