Baby Development In Womb: 25 Weeks Pregnant

Stay in His thoughts each day and feel the love in you that you can share with others around

Would-be moms should check on their diets and avoid fatty and spicy foods. It becomes difficult to digest as the progesterone hormone working at this time slows the digestive process and the emptying of the stomach does not happen too much.

The acidic contents move up to the region of the esophagus. This results in reflux which can also be called heartburn. There is also the pressure of the expanding uterus which causes pressure on the stomach. You have to eat smaller meals, more frequently.

Mother’s Changes 

The soccer mom stage – You can call yourself this because the stomach looks like a soccer ball.Baby Development In Womb:  25 Weeks Pregnant 1

Now that the uterus is growing, it places pressure at the pelvis region resulting in shooting pain in the legs and back for most moms.

You can change your sitting or standing position and take a warm bath which can soothe you.

There could be some warning signs of preterm labor and you should be really careful.

The cramps are like menstrual cramps. There is a low dull ache in the back, Pelvic pressure where it feels that the baby is pushing downwards.

There is abdominal cramping accompanied with or without the presence of diarrhea. There is mucous discharge from the vagina. There are uterine contractions with or without pain, for 10 minutes or more.

You can discuss the problems with your doctor and what you should do if all this is experienced before the 37th week.

Baby’s Growth 

There is the development of 1000 ligaments, 150 joints and 33 rings. The blood vessels in the baby’s lungs are opening and the nostrils open.

The baby has resting periods and periods of alert. The baby is able to hear your voice at this stage as his hearing capabilities develop.

Father’s Role 

Now it’s time you think of your work schedule and about the time you would be taking leave.

Because when the baby arrives, you would be needed at home and so you must approach your boss with a leave application. Many companies pay for maternity leave and even paternity leave.

The company may have a range of benefits and so you should announce the information. You can work on sharing the job, telecommuting from home and so start your research now on how it should work out.

The week’s Inspiration 

Spend each day of the week in thoughts of love of God, how kind he is to you and how you are grateful to live in his presence.

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