Baby Development In Womb 14 Weeks Pregnant

Mom – Your baby has started breathing.

This week we share with you more developments about your baby. 

Let’s take you through Week-14.

Baby’s growth:

Something new your baby has this week. Your baby has developed several fine hairs on the face, which is very soft and colorless and is known as lanugo.

In due course of time your baby’s majority body segment would be covered by this lanugo wherein it would shed immediately prior to delivery.

Movement and development of the ears and the eyes persists. Your baby’s neck continues to elongate. Your baby’s chin now is not resting on its chest.

The baby’s hand now starts functioning and also your baby begins to learn the art of using them. At this position, your little one is getting all nourishment from the placenta.

As of now, the baby’s genitals have completely developed, but detection of the same is still not easy through the ultrasound examination.

Moreover, your baby initiates for the production of thyroid hormones because of thyroid gland maturity. The weight of your baby is approximately 1.60 ounces and approximately 3.5 inches in length.

The most exciting news is that your baby initiates breathing actions like exhaling and also inhaling.

Mother’s changes:

If you are 35 plus, then your doctor must have advised an amniocentesis test. It is generally conducted between the 15th & 18th week for detecting abnormalities in the fetus.

The test involves a thin needle to be inserted in the uterus containing amniotic fluid and is examined.

Due to amniocentesis, thin chances of miscarriage remains, so discuss with your doctor and the health care initiator about the action plan after the test results.

Now the mom has some relief. Leveling off your pregnancy hormones take place which results in reduced urination, reduced nausea, and reduced exhaustion.

You might be realizing that some amount of constipation as because those irritating hormones have provided some relaxation to the bowel muscles making them perform with reduced efficiency.

Please remember that the uterus is creating pressure on the bowels. You can take a precaution by consumption of fiber in the diet if constipation really worries you.

Father’s role:

You must be hiding your actual fears and worries of fatherhood and pregnancy. Please relax and do not get tensed.

The week’s inspiration:

A chance to revolutionize, create a new life.

Baby Development In Womb 14 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb: 14 Weeks Pregnant 1 Baby Development In Womb: 14 Weeks Pregnant 2 Baby Development In Womb: 14 Weeks Pregnant 3

Baby Development In Womb 14 Weeks Pregnant

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