Baby Development In Womb: 22 Weeks Pregnant

Happiness is contagious, feel it within yourself, and spread it across!

The 22nd week is in.

Your uterus is getting ready for delivery, new mother, so you would be feeling contractions that are irregular and painless. These contractions are often referred to as Braxton Hicks Contractions.

There is a sensation in your abdomen, similar to squeezing. You don’t have to worry as this is only very natural.

You should obviously consult your doctor if the pain becomes more strong, intense, and frequent. This sort of pain could be a symptom of preterm labor.

Mother’s Changes 

Your uterus is presently an inch above the position of your naval. The baby continues to fill out your tummy so you continue to gain weight.

And this extra weight would cause back pain.Baby Development In Womb: 22 Weeks Pregnant

At this time, you should stop being trendy and modern. Stick to wearing low heeled shoes or flat shoes.

You should also avoid standing or sitting for a long time. You have to use a footstool to raise your feet when you sit down.

Baby’s Growth 

This week, the baby is perhaps very thin but he is developed and grown in size and weight.

The eyebrows and eyelids have formed and the brain starts growing rapidly. In the case of a baby boy, the testes have started to descend from the pelvis area to the scrotum.

Father’s Role 

The father is equally excited about the birth of the child. This could be an ideal time to discuss child names or is it too early.

No, it is not, because if you start from now, you might be able to fish out ten best names for your child and decide on one of those.

So take your time and don’t fight over the name of your baby!. There are many resources on the internet that you can look up for proper baby names.

As a would-be father, you can also supervise the monthly check-ups she should have and accompany her to the doctor.

Also, remind her daily dose of vitamins and folic acid so that she keeps healthy and glowing and the baby is also healthy inside her.

The week’s Inspiration 

Happiness is the word of the day, so be happy and let others be happy too. You can spread a smile, it is contagious and lights up the other person’s face as she catches on to your happiness and smiles happily!

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