Baby Development In Womb 5 Weeks Pregnant

Mom has more appetite now!

Your motherhood has entered the 2nd month. You must be obviously feeling great.

Let’s take you through Week-5.

Baby’s growth:

Till last week the embryo had been a collection of cells and by now the embryo initiates to take a definite shape.

The neural tube slowly transforms into the brain and the spinal cord respectively.

The characteristic of the tube is that it runs down starting from the apex to the embryo base.

A lump in the embryo’s middle portion develops into the baby’s heart.

By this time the placenta also develops. The placenta has fingerlike projections, which are called chorionic villi. It is through chorionic villi that you give nourishment to your baby.

Baby Development In Womb 5 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development In Womb 5 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb 5 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb 5 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb 5 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s changes:

Though nausea hasn’t struck you, you should refrain from certain foods while pregnant.

It is the poor health due to some food, which may be the basis for birth defects and miscarriage.

Listeriosis and also toxoplasmosis are such foodborne illness.

Preferably you should not consume blue cheese, feta, no pasteurized milk, Camembert, goat, undercooked meats, raw eggs, etc during this time.

As a would-be mother, you should refrain from cleaning the trash or the garbage boxes because Toxoplasmosis can spread.

During this time of pregnancy, you are exposed to hormonal changes leading to swollen breasts, which happens due to the multiplication of your milk glands.

Now your uterus is in the developing stage wherein it will automatically create pressure on the bladder resulting in more visits to the toilet.

But nothing to get surprised as these symptoms differ from person to person and also in pregnancies of the same woman.

You will realize that you are consuming more food as your appetite increases. Hence you would approximately require 1.5 times calories.

If fatigue bothers you, then just relax and eat.

Father’s role:

You should hold enough patience from now onwards. She at times may get crummy and you may be at the receiving end.

Please do not take it personally as you got to give her a lot of confidence and courage.

The week’s inspiration:

You can plan for a celebration date to announce the results of the pregnancy test to your near and dear ones.

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