Baby Development In Womb: 21 Weeks Pregnant

Let love grow!

The rapid growth of the fetus slows down a bit from this week. The legs are growing and reaching their proportionate size and the heart grows stronger.

The baby starts kicking inside quite frequently as it moves inside. But there is nothing to fear as the membrane is quite strong and it won’t break even with the kicking.

This is a wonderful feeling for a would-be mother and how often have you missed a breath when this kicking has been a bit irregular for a day.

Enjoy the feeling, the presence of life within you, a life that is born out of you and your very own.

Mother’s Changes 

Your uterus starts moving up the naval region and your waistline seems less distinctive. You might have gained some weight because every woman would undergo some changes while she is pregnant.Baby Development In Womb: 21 Weeks Pregnant

If the weight increases much there would be swelling of feet and lower legs. Swollen feet and legs should be avoided and you can give a massage in upward circulation.

Exercise is a good way to be in shape but you should be careful and take the advice of your physician.

Of course, exercise would reduce complications like backache, varicose veins, and weight gain. So you should talk to your health care advisor and the doctor and start on your exercise regime while you are pregnant.

Baby’s Growth 

The baby grows slowly and weighs half the weight of a tin full of beans. The baby’s skin at this time is soft and very thin, almost red and it is somewhat wrinkled and semi-transparent.

Father’s Role 

The second semester is the easiest period and it is a good time to prepare and plan together.

The first semester is bad for the new mother as she has to deal with morning sickness and “pukiness” but now those are there no more.

The third semester is marked by heaviness. Now it is the ideal time to go on a vacation. If you cannot, you can get closer and share some good times together, sharing and caring for each other.

The week’s Inspiration 

Try to think of a first thing in the morning how much you feel and care for each other and what you should do to enhance this feeling.

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