Baby Development In Womb 15 Weeks Pregnant

An important person to hug is the baby.

Everyone is this earth must be really surprised by the gentleness of a newborn’s skin.

Let’s take you through Week-15.

Baby’s growth:

Your baby is developing day by day. The skin is always developing. The skin is very thin, translucent in nature.

The blood vessels can be observed through it. Hair keeps on growing your baby’s head and the eyebrows. This growth would continue until the 26th week.

Though the baby’s ears are set a little lower on its head, it is nearly in its position.

Within the baby’s skeletal system keeps on developing along with muscle development.

Your baby’s bones keep on getting harder. The baby makes many movements with its legs, feet, wrists, arms, mouth and head.

An ultrasound test now might show the baby sucking its thumb.

Mother’s changes:

Most women feel that putting on maternity clothes or the world noticing their bulged abdomen is their joy of maternity.

For many women, this experience may be scary. Many organized during pregnancy tend to be forgetful and not capable of concentrating.

As a mom please avoid bringing in stress.

Your uterus starts rising past the hipbones now. It can felt approximately 3 to 4 inches below the navel.

While appointments with your health care contributor, you would notice that the measurement of fundal height is conducted to check and ensure your baby’s constant growth.

The distance between the pubic bone and the uterus is called the fundal height.

In the coming few weeks if you get an ultrasound test conducted, a guess can be made regarding the baby’s gender. If the mom has an amniocentesis, the baby’s gender detection through chromosomes is possible.

Please remember that none of these tests are conducted or should be conducted just only to detect the sex of the baby.

At any point in time if your health care instructor advises the above tests to be conducted for any reason, please once again question yourself whether you really want to go ahead with the test.

Father’s role:

Research reveals that if the mom gets more hugs, she in return hugs her baby too. So you know what you have to do now.

The week’s inspiration:

Hug each other.

Baby Development In Womb 15 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb: 15 Weeks Pregnant 1 Baby Development In Womb: 15 Weeks Pregnant 2 Baby Development In Womb: 15 Weeks Pregnant 3

Baby Development In Womb 15 Weeks Pregnant

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