Baby Development In Womb 12 Weeks Pregnant

Mom you have a pregnant glow now.

Your near and dear ones must be telling you that they can visualize a pregnant-glow in you.

Let’s take you through Week-12.

Baby’s growth:

The brain of your baby keeps on growing. Formation of toenails and the fingernails begin.

By this time almost all the organs including the fetus structure are shaped. They will carry on growing till delivery.

The baby’s kidneys are performing. Amniotic fluid starts accumulating, and the baby is in a position to urinate that out.

Your baby’s genital starts to take their respective gender uniqueness. The intestinal wall muscles carry out “peristalsis” – the contraction process inside the intestine for digestion of food.

Mother’s changes:

You must be feeling happy, cheerful, and contented. Why not? It’s the “pregnant glow” that is visible in you.

It’s not only the pleasure and happiness of carrying a baby but a physiological cause for smoother and radiant skin whilst in your pregnancy.

Blood vessels get more blood and hormones enhance secretion of the oil gland, thus giving a rosy and an even skin appearance.

If you get momentary acne caused by more secretion of the oil gland, please consult your doctor.

Around this time your uterus would move upward and forward as it develops.

Some relief for your frequent toilet visits as because your uterus will not be creating any pressure on the bladder much.

But this relief is temporary because, during the 3rd trimester, your uterus would grow up to create a force on your bladder.

Now you may feel less tired due to the morning sickness shows of improvement. Headaches and dizziness are quite regular now due to more blood quantity.

Do not forget to discuss these with your doctor.

Father’s role:

Mom must be feeling much better. She would be very happy if you take her along with you for exercise. A pleasant walk in the neighborhood would ease her tensions if any.

Well, do not forget to hold her hand! She would feel a lot more confident and happy at the same moment.

The week’s inspiration:

Your baby’s hand is the sweetest flower.

Baby Development In Womb12 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb12 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb12 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb12 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development In Womb12 Weeks Pregnant


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