Baby Development In Womb: 39 Weeks Pregnant

You have just stepped into pregnancy week 39. Now anytime, your little one will step into this world. You have slight pains here and there that come and go.

Mother’s Changes 

This week you might experience little pains that do not stay long but if you have some vaginal discharge that seems abnormal inform the doctor immediately.Baby Development In Womb: 39 Weeks Pregnant

There are some moms for whom the amniotic fluid is discharged. There is the discharge of the mucus plug that was so long sealed.

This protected the uterus from any type of infection. Each body reacts differently so that there is no rule by which we could determine the discharge and the pains. You have to be careful and keep a watch on everything.

Your sleep would get disturbed now even more because you are very much excited.

You are ready to leave home for the hospital any time now and you have your bags packed, all set to go.

You can take your camera, all the phone numbers that can be kept handy in a case. You can go through the resources on the internet and read a lot so that you know when to expect what. Of course, the best person who can answer all your queries is the medical practitioner.

There are few women who can go through strange mental state post postpartum.

So it is best to read about that and talk to the medical practitioner. They can feel depression and if left untreated this can be really bad.

You can share with the medical practitioner what abnormality you are feeling in your mind. The best thing is to live relaxed and enjoy this most wonderful situation in your life.

This is the time when you are running to the bathroom every two minutes. This is because the uterus is pressing into your bladder. Your uterus is sis and half to eight inches above your navel.

Baby’s Growth 

The baby weighs around seven and seven and a half pounds. The baby is around twenty-one inches long and all her organs are ready.

The baby has been so far holding all the “meconium” which would soon be released as his first stool. The baby is all ready for his journey into the world now.

Now the baby won’t be able to move about too much as the space in the womb is small for him.

Father’s Role 

Dad, you should congratulate yourself because you have been through all these months.

You could be a nervous wreck by now but please pull yourself up now because your job would soon begin. So be a good father and keep up your spirits. The rest would fall in place by itself.

The inspiration of the day 

Childbirth is a wonderful feeling, enjoy every moment of it and thank God for making you a part of this wonderful journey.

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