Baby Development In Womb: 18 Weeks Pregnant

Moms can practice her lullabies from now on!

Its time you draw your action plan for your appointments and shortlisting of your baby’s health care instructor.

Let’s take you through Week-18.

Baby’s growth:

Your baby’s ears move out to the final position making them rest out from its head. Mom now can start revising her lullabies as in the weeks ahead the baby most probably would be in a position to hear.Baby Development In Womb: 18 Weeks Pregnant

The ear-bones and the nerves of the brain are becoming developed for the baby can hear mom’s heartbeat and the umbilical cord’s blood movement. The baby is sometimes anxious and worried by noises loud in nature.

The development of the baby’s eyes occurs – the eyes are gradually facing towards the front. Also, the baby’s retina might notice a ray of flashlight when held towards the abdomen.

The baby’s bones development is already on, and this week the bones become much harder. The legs bones and the clavicle bones harden prior to other bones.

The little one has to gain weight daily and has become very human in appearance.
The baby’s initial bowel movement called “meconium” is getting accumulated in the bowel. In the case of a boy, the development of the prostate gland starts.

Mother’s changes:

This week mom needs to plan out things and get draw up an action plan for his or her child. Preparations of assembling the layette and beautification of the nursery can be planned.

This week looking out for your child’s pediatrician or health care contributor can also be on the agenda. Visit doctors and finding out immunization, appointment availability, and an emergency call to be given, etc can be exercised.

It is imperative that you should be contented with the child’s health care instructor, so do your research intelligently and make your conclusion cautiously.

You can plan your questionnaire – The best health care instructors in practice in town? Who is available on weekends, day and night shifts, and their procedures of phone calls? Their association with which hospitals and what insurance they acknowledge? How many emergency cases they have handled and for which specialist’s they have worked?

Father’s role:

Give mom your shoulder to relax and help her in planning the baby’s health care instructor.

The week’s inspiration:

Singing lullabies in the courtyard with your newborn! Buy a book on lullabies.

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