Baby Development 1st Week Pregnant.

Congratulations to you. As a mom, you must be very excited now and curious to know about your baby in you and the changes in you.

Let’s take you through Week-1.

Baby’s growth:

The “menstrual period” is happening thing in 1st week.

As one’s predictable delivery date is planned from the 1st day of one’s last period, this week is taken into consideration for the 40 weeks of your pregnancy, despite the baby not being conceived.

Mother’s changes:

You should organize and get ready well in advance for motherhood.

Following measures keep you protected. Keeping away from alcohol, tobacco stuff, and drugs is always advisable because these may lead to serious respiratory complications, serious alcohol syndromes, birth defects, and so on.

Please remember that a doctor’s consultation is imperative for a healthy baby and a healthy mother.

The doctor would guide you regarding your taking of prescribed drugs and OTC drugs.

Unique safety measures should be undertaken along with medication since several prescriptions and OTC drugs medications can cause harm affecting the fetus.

On the contrary, remember that the discontinuity of drugs recommended by your doctor is also unadvisable. The doctor will advise you on the change of drugs if at all required.

Diet during pregnancy should be strictly followed. For example, diets having folic acid, in particular, should be adequately consumed.

Folic acid of about 400 micrograms needs to be consumed daily for women who are turning out to be pregnant.

Even a sufficient amount of vitamins is necessary for the body. The intake of sufficient folic acid trims down the shortcoming of neural tube problems.

A neural tube problem is a setback, which is the result of incomplete maturity of the spinal cord or brain, for example: “spina bifida” Your health care contributor should be consulted while taking a folic acid diet when you are conceiving.

Baby Development In Womb: 1st Week Pregnant

Baby Development In Womb: 1st Week Pregnant Baby Development In Womb: 1st Week Pregnant Baby Development In Womb: 1st Week Pregnant Baby Development In Womb: 1st Week Pregnant

Father’s role:

Not much to do this week. Just wait and watch. Father’s role starts from the next week, which would be uniquely significant.

The inspiration for the week:

Thoughts of passion, enthusiasm, and eagerness for motherhood, zeal to become a mother, and an excitement to bring in a new family member are bound to give you full of inspirational thoughts.


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