Baby Development In Womb: 4 Weeks Pregnant! 1

A month’s Motherliness

You are excited that you have completed a month’s motherhood. Kudos to you! You must have taken all precautions for your baby’s development these days.

Let’s take you through Week 4-.

Baby’s growth:

Your baby would get a name later but science already has a name for it. It is an embryo.

An embryo comprises cells having two layers, which are known as the hypoblast and epiblast respectively.

This embryo will ultimately have a development leading to the formation of the baby’s body elements and its organs.

Simultaneously 2 additional structures called yolk sac and amnion are also developed.

The amnion is packed up with amniotic acid. The function of the amnion is to encircle the developing embryo and save it from any harm.

On the contrary, the nourishment of the embryo and the production of blood is done by the yolk sac.

Eventually, the placenta takes over the role of the yolk sac.

Baby Development In Womb 4 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb 4 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb 4 Weeks Pregnant Baby Development In Womb 4 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Development In Womb 4 Weeks Pregnant

Mother’s changes:

In the 4th week, your baby carries on to implant inside your uterus, deep inside the endometrium.

After the implantation, your baby initiates to generate chorionic gonadotropin hormone, which assists to preserve the uterus lining.

Simultaneously it also acts as an indicator to discontinue the discharge of an egg every month resulting in the monthly periods to come to a standstill.

A word of caution! You may face some cramping and blood spotting this week during the process of implantation.

Please do not confuse this with a period, because it frequently happens about the time when your monthly period may be due.

HCG hormone is calculated during your pregnancy tests.

Most likely a pregnancy examination would help you to find out your pregnancy.

HCG also acts as an indicator of pregnancy, which may be noticed this week. Now symptoms of painful breasts, tingling, fatigue ness, or nausea may be observed any day as because 1st pregnancy indications bear a resemblance to premenstrual syndrome.

Nevertheless this weekend your anticipated period would not happen thus confirming that your pregnancy has taken its way.

Father’s role:

Don’t worry she is normal. As the emotions start now, you should be taking the greatest care of your partner’s emotions.

The week’s inspiration:

Share this week’s full experience with your partner. Make him feel important too.

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