Baby Development: 2nd Week Of Pregnancy

The blessing in disguise

As a would-be mother, you are already in the 2nd phase of your motherhood but the strange part is that you are still to become pregnant.

Let’s take you through Week-2.

Baby’s growth:

This weekend the development starts with the eggs getting fertilized by the help of the sperm. The exciting part takes place during fertilization i.e. the sex of the baby is finalized.

Come let’s share some more details about the process.

Baby’s genetic or hereditary material is composed of 46 chromosomes. Now 1 chromosome each from the egg and the sperm decides the sex of the baby.

An X chromosome is there in your egg. X or Y chromosome may be present in the sperm.

During fertilization of your egg if X-chromosome exists in the sperm then a girl will bless you and if the chromosome is Y type then a boy child is your prize. Isn’t it interesting?

Baby Development 2nd Week Of Pregnancy

Baby Development 2nd Week Of Pregnancy Baby Development 2nd Week Of Pregnancy Baby Development 2nd Week Of Pregnancy Baby Development 2nd Week Of Pregnancy

Mother’s changes:

The development of the uterine lining takes place, which is very important for the nourishment of the baby. The secretion of FSH hormone also starts. Its function is to rouse your egg to mature.

This weekend the borderline of the menstrual cycle is reached, taking into consideration that you had a standard cycle of 28 days.

The ovulation would also take place now – the ovary discharges an egg, which goes into the fallopian tube. This is the best opportunity to conceive.

Now if you have sexual intercourse with your partner without taking any protective measures, you become pregnant. Let me share with you how it really happens.

After the ejaculation by your partner, the vagina receives sperm in millions wherein some goes into the fallopian tube.

Anyone of the sperm would be successful in breaking through the egg, which is waiting for the fertilization to take place.

When this is over you become pregnant and the most astonishing part is that you would not be experiencing any change in your body.

Father’s role:

Not much involvement for the would-be father is required at this point in time.

The week’s inspiration:

Though it is very early both the would-be mom and father can feel good by discussing what color the nursery would be.

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