Bumbleride Flyer Stroller Review

Bumbleride Flyer Stroller Review

For a lightweight, well-priced, all equipped, standard size stroller with a reversible handle that allows you to easily see your baby without having to switch the direction of the stroller seat, give the Bumbleride Flyer stroller a try!

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Pros Summary:                            

  • Reversible handle bar so your baby can face you or the world
  • Both front and rear wheels are swivel wheels so you have great maneuverability no matter which way the handle bar faces—just be sure to lock the “rear” wheels for best maneuverability.
  • Large sun canopy that can unzip from the rear to let in air on a hot day, mesh peek-a-boo window
  • Roomy and comfortable toddler seat
  • Lightweight
  • Fully reclining seat—so good for newborns, and the stroller has a one hand bar recline
  • Good storage—medium storage basket and a parent pocket for keys and phones
  • Comes standard with infant car seat adaptor, cup holder and rain canopy
  • Adjustable handle bar and automatic lock when folded
  • Create travel system
  • Automatic lock when folded and standing fold

Cons Summary:

  • 7 inch wheels are like those lightweight strollers—fantastic on paved surfaces or for indoor use—however they will go over grass and uneven pavement without a problem but you will feel those bumps and the ride won’t be as smooth with air filled or foam filled tires
  • Basket is a bit smaller than baskets found on large full size strollers but it will still fit your diaper bag

Bumbleride Flyer  Stroller Information

(Description Provided By Bumbleride)

Weighing a mere 19 lbs., the Bumbleride Flyer is designed to let you call all the shots. Its reversible handle flips with ease, and the quick release wheel locking system allows you to reverse the stroller in seconds. Recline the backrest and attach the optional footmuff to create a warm carriage for your baby.

Flyer also features a height-adjustable handle, footrest and four-position recline backrest. Ideal for infants as well as toddlers, Flyer is ready to grow with your family.

  • Standing Dimensions: 30L 21W 40H
  • Folded Dimensions: 35L 21W 12H
  • Total Weight: 19 LBS
  • Child Weight Capacity: 45 LBS

Bumbleride Flyer Stroller Features

  • Bumbleride Flyer is suitable for infancy and up
  • Quick release five point safety harnesses
  • Standard infant headrests and shoulder pads
  • 7″ rubber-like independent swiveling front and rear wheels with inline locking option
  • Reversible handle so baby can face you or the world
  • Multi-adjustable backrest with flat position for infants (one hand bar recline)
  • Multi-adjustable footrest
  • Multi-adjustable handle height that can extend from 32-45″ high
  • Spacious cargo basket
  • Zip-off canopy portion for maximum sun coverage and can unzip in the back for air flow into the stroller on hot days
  • Lightweight, anodized aluminum frame
  • Easy and compact fold, automatic lock when folded, standing fold
  • Available in colors: Lava, Ruby, Seagrass, Spice and Vita

Compatible infant car seats:

  • Graco Snugride
  • Graco Snugride 32
  • Graco Snugride 35
  • Peg Perego Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30
  • Chicco Keyfit 30
  • Combi Shuttle
  • Baby Trend Flex Loc
  • Britax Chaperone

Standard accessories included with purchase:

  • Rain Cover
  • Bumper Bar
  • Cup Holder
  • Headrest and Shoulder Pads
  • Infant Seat Adapter Bar & Safety Belt

Accessories sold separately:

  • The Bumbleride Carry Cot  ($101.99-$119.99)
  • Bumbleride snack pack  ($39.99)


Bumbleride Flyer Stroller Review:- Pros

The Bumbleride Flyer  stroller has received a user rating of 4 out of 5 stars from users at amazon.com, diapers.com, toyrus.com and babyearth.com.


Nothing But Praise!

Reviewers say the Flyer is the greatest stroller ever and they “love it, love it, love it.”  Favorite features of the Flyer are its fully reclining seat which is great for toddler naps or for strolling with newborns, the large stroller canopy that gives fantastic sun protection even in bright, sunny climates, and the lightness of the stroller weight—at only 19 lbs this is one of the lightest standard size strollers on the market.

However, the most favorite feature of the Bumbleride Flyer stroller and the feature that really draws users in and makes them pleased they purchased this stroller, is the reversible handle.

Users say the handle is so easy to reverse and they love that they have the option of having their baby or toddler face them or the world without having to switch the direction of the seat, something that can be really cumbersome, especially if your baby is sitting in the seat.

Users say the reversible handle is also great for changing the direction your child is facing to prevent the sun from getting in their eyes or a strong wind from blowing in their face.  All 4-wheels of the stroller are swivel wheels, meaning the stroller is easy to steer no matter which direction the handle bars are facing.  Just be sure to lock the “rear” wheels for optimal pushing ability.

Many users say the storage basket is a decent size and will easily fit a diaper bag and the basket is accessible even when the seat is in the recline position.

The stroller also comes with a small zip pocket on the sun canopy which is perfect for keys, cell phones and wallets.  Most users write that the stroller maneuvers very well, even one handed since it is so lightweight, and some users say its small plastic wheels handle bumps and uneven pavement decently.

One user writes that she has no problem going over grass with her Bumbleride Flyer, even though it is not an all-terrain stroller.  If you are looking for an all-terrain, off-road stroller then check out the Bumbleride Indie stroller.

Other pluses for the Flyer is that it comes with many accessories that you would normally have to pay extra for with other brands of strollers like the infant car seat adaptor, cup holder and the rain canopy. This makes the Flyer a really cost efficient stroller option.  Users also the love the stroller’s adjustable push-handle, easy to fold design, simple to lock wheels, and stylish look.


Bumbleride Flyer Stroller Review:- Cons

However, there are still a few minor complaints for the Flyer stroller.  Some users feel that the small wheels that are usually found on lightweight or umbrella strollers just don’t handle bumps and uneven pavement very well and some users find this very annoying–but it seems the wheels have been upgraded.

Other users feel the basket is too small for a standard size stroller, and a few others think the stroller should include a carry handle for when folded.  A couple of reviewers find the stroller very difficult to fold one handed and say that it takes both their hands to fold the stroller, meaning they have to set their baby down when doing so.  However, many other users say the stroller is easy to fold with one hand, so the verdict is?  Maybe test it out before buying to see for yourself.

My Two Cents

I think the real confusion about the Bumbleride Flyer stroller is the fact that it exists in a world somewhere between a standard size stroller and a lightweight stroller.

As a standard size stroller users find it a bit lacking in terms of the wheel size and storage space but this does keep the overall size and the weight of the stroller down, making it one of the most lightweight and compact standard size strollers available. But if you view the Flyer as a lightweight stroller or an umbrella stroller then you will find the stroller too large and too heavy.

I think if you accept the stroller for what it is—a lightweight, compact, small wheeled, fully loaded standard size stroller—you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, the Bumbleride Flyer is a great stroller for the price, especially since it includes lots accessories.  But, what really sets the Flyer apart from other strollers in its league is its reversible handle, and if this is a feature you would like to have on your stroller than the Flyer is definitely the answer to the question, “which stroller to buy?” I wish I known about the existence of this stroller when I was shopping for the perfect stroller for my baby. The reversible handle alone would have won me over. I think the Bumbleride Flyer is a stroller that deserves serious consideration by any parent looking for a lightweight standard size stroller with a reversible handle.


I recently had the opportunity to test drive the Bumbleride Flyer. I loved it! It is so lightweight and easy to maneuver. I had no trouble steering this stroller with just one hand. The colors on the sea grass stroller are vibrant and bright and the reversible handle was even better than I expected and super easy to use. I also was really impressed with the size of the stroller seat–I love how the seat reclines flat and when you bring up the adjustable foot rest you can create a makeshift bassinet for your baby–even without purchasing a real stroller bassinet. If you are looking for a great stroller for your baby, and all-terrain capabilities aren’t important for you, then the Bumbleride Flyer is definitely the stroller to go for!

Great stroller—worth a buy!

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