4 Weeks Pregnant

You’re now 4 weeks pregnant. Find out why your chosen lifestyle has a big impact on your baby’s development during the first trimester.

How is my baby developing?

Your baby is now called an embryo and has grown to the size of a mustard seed (1/2 to 1 mm long). Cell differentiation continues and the neural tube, which will later become the brain and spinal cord, starts developing.

The placenta will be functional by the end of the week, includes the umbilical cord connected to the baby and the maternal side connected to the uterus.

Without ever actually mixing, nutrients and oxygen are transferred from your blood supply to your baby’s blood supply and waste products follow the opposite flow.

Two vital components already functional this week include the amniotic sac filled with fluid to protect the baby; and the yolk sac, producing your baby’s red blood cells, and helping to deliver nutrients until the placenta is ready to take over.

4 weeks pregnant symptoms; How is my body changing?

You’re now 4 weeks pregnant and would normally expect your period this week. For most women, the first sign of pregnancy is a missed period and you can now take a pregnancy test to check whether you’re pregnant or not. This test measures the amount of HCG in your urine.

Recommended Pregnancy Test:

This is the time when you want to know if you have conceived or not. Go and take a pregnancy test. Among most of the pregnancy tests Combo pack 40 (LH) Ovulation tests and 10 (HCG) Pregnancy testsPregnancy Week By Week 1 are better and precise.

If you haven’t experienced any pregnancy symptoms yet, you probably will this week. A very common first sign of pregnancy is cramping and light spotting and both are normal if not excessive.

If you feel painful cramps accompanied by heavy bleeding, seek medical assistance immediately. Another common pregnancy symptom is nausea or vomiting, which may start as early as 4 weeks pregnant and it will get worse as the weeks progress until it goes away in the second trimester.

Other 4 weeks pregnant symptoms include fatigue, mood swings, swollen breasts, and frequent urination.

Your lifestyle has a major impact on your baby’s development

Many substances can be very harmful to your baby, particularly during the first trimester while the organs are developing, causing deformities and malformations.

These include tobacco and alcohol, and that’s why they’re contraindicated during pregnancy. Chose a healthy lifestyle to ensure your baby’s development is not affected.

If you experienced repeat miscarriages in the past due to low progesterone, it’s essential that you consult your doctor as soon as possible as this may put your pregnancy at risk. Luckily, there are effective treatments to overcome this problem!

4 weeks pregnant

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