Pregnancy Week By Week

1 Week Pregnant

What’s happening this week?

Even though you’re “officially” 1 week pregnant, in reality you’re not pregnant yet! Confused?

Find out why. How is my bay developing? When you’re 1 week pregnant, your baby hasn’t been conceived.

Only after fertilization has occurred you can say that you’re pregnant, and that will not happen for another 2 weeks.

However, it is almost impossible to determine exactly when conception occurs, so doctors use the first day of your last period to date your pregnancy.

This means, for example, when you are ten weeks pregnant your developing baby is only eight weeks old. In fact, the egg that will be fertilized to form your baby is still quietly asleep in one of your ovaries.

How is my body changing?

If you’re trying to conceive, you should start “acting” pregnant now. Your baby’s health is paramount and although you may not be pregnant yet, what you do will affect your chances of conceiving and your baby’s development.

You also need to prepare yourself psychologically for the massive undertaking that it is having a baby. This is the first day of your regular menstrual period, and marks the beginning of a new cycle with renewed chances of getting pregnant next time you ovulate.

The main aspect to consider when 1 week pregnant is to start taking folic acid supplements and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, start measuring your temperature now, and you’ll see a peak at ovulation, maximizing your chances of conceiving.

Here you’ll find information about how your baby is growing and what changes you may expect in your own body.

Furthermore, there’s always health tips appropriate for each stage, such as how to cope with your increasing nutritional needs or what exercise is best for you.

Pregnancy Week By Week