19 Weeks Pregnant

What’s happening this week?

You’re now 19 weeks pregnant. Feeling a little off balance? Find out more about this and other symptoms you may feel now

19 weeks pregnant symptoms; How is my baby developing?

At 19 weeks pregnant your baby can produce a white and sticky substance called vermin, which covers your baby’s entire body to protect him from its environment.

Your baby’s ears are now developed enough for him to recognize yours and even daddy’s voice, so make sure you talk to your unborn baby to start bonding.

Amazingly, your baby’s fingerprints are forming and the brain is already starting to learn, as areas that specialized in smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch are developing. Also, if you’re carrying a girl, around six million eggs are present in her ovaries, though this will drop to 2 million at birth.

You’re 19 weeks pregnant and your baby measures 15 cm and weighs up to 250 grams. Your baby is still very skinny, but as the pregnancy progresses, layers of fat will be deposited and his size will increase more than 15 times.

How is my body changing?

19 weeks pregnant symptoms; your uterus is under your belly button. You may find that your abdomen is sore, due to its expansion which is pulling the round ligaments.

This is normal, but tell your doctor if it becomes unbearable. It’s very common for pregnant women to complain about feeling unsteady on their feet. This is because the center of gravity shifts upwards with your growing uterus, which may give the sensation that you’re falling if going up or downhill.

Make sure you hold on to handrails and avoid using high heels. Other uncomfortable symptoms include nasal congestion (called pregnancy rhinitis), dizziness due to low blood pressure and leg cramps in the middle of the night. You continue to gain weight, probably 7 to 10 pounds so far.

To prevent a rapid drop in your blood sugar which may make you feel dizzy, eat several small meals during the day, and don’t skip any meal.

Why is cigarette smoke so dangerous for you and your baby?

If you smoke, it’s extremely important that you stop while pregnant; otherwise, your baby’s health will be affected.

Nicotine and carbon monoxide decreases the supply of oxygen to your baby, increasing the chances of premature, low weight babies or even miscarriages and stillbirths. So, if you want to provide the best environment for your baby, stop the habit!

19 weeks pregnant

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