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Choosing a baby stroller is becoming harder and harder as more options become available; in fact a quick Google search for a lightweight baby stroller alone would give you almost two million results. But thanks to advancements in technology, you can also get strollers that give you great features and more bang for the buck.

First, for the uninitiated, what exactly is a lightweight baby stroller and why all the attention?

lightweight baby stroller is approximately 15 pounds or less, made of high-tech aluminum, portable and folds easily, perfect for overhead cabins in airplanes. It is more expensive than its counterparts, but it is the perfect choice for people who travel and prefer a sturdy but light alternative to the standard stroller which tend to be heavy and clumsy.

Let’s compare lightweight strollers for toddlers with other types of strollers to help you pick out what’s best for baby and you.

Full Featured Baby Stroller Features

  • Have the sturdiest frames and wheels, which afford a smoother ride
  • Wider and roomier, with comfortable padded seats
  • Fully reclining seat for newborns that cannot yet support their heads
  • Lots of storage space with bells and whistles such as a large canopy, front play trays and adjustable-height handles


  • Tend to be heavy (up to 30 pounds)
  • Bulky and awkward to fold
  • More expensive

Umbrella Baby Stroller Features


  • Lighter and more compact than full-featured strollers
  • Less expensive than full-featured strollers
  • Offer spring-action folding
  • Easy to maneuver


  • Less stable and durable than full-featured strollers
  • Don’t usually recline fully, and thus aren’t appropriate for newborns up to 3 months old, who need to lie completely flat. (Only a few have fully reclining seats)
  • Far fewer convenience features (such as cupholders and larger baskets)

The Verdict

Umbrella strollers are recommended as a good second stroller for a toddler. If you have the budget, it makes sense to get a lightweight baby stroller. The convenience it gives you and the comfort it provides the baby could be worth the difference in price. Some parents buy an umbrella stroller for quick trips to the supermarket but keep a standard stroller around for daily walks. In our opinion, it is kind of redundant when you think about it, especially when you can have the convenience of one and the stability of the other when you invest in one of the best lightweight baby strollers available in the market. In fact it’s more practical to get lightweight strollers for toddlers.

Now, let’s narrow down the most important things to look for when buying compact, lightweight strollers for toddlers. There is a wide choice available out there. Brand name, style, quality of material, practicality and safety features are some of the things you need to consider.

What To Look For When Buying A Lightweight Baby Stroller

  1. Safety features – Safety ratings say a lot, especially if your number one consideration is the baby’s security. Test for wheel locks, rear breaks, tip resistance, and leg openings that would prevent the baby from slipping through. According to, you should also look for exposed hinges, which might trap the baby’s fingers. This was the reason behind a massive recall in 2009, amid reports that Maclaren strollers were responsible for amputating the fingers of 12 US children.
  2. Easy handling – If you usually travel alone with the baby, the ease of opening and closing the stroller is a great feature. Some models even have an easy-fold mechanism, perfect for bus rides.
  3. Comfort – How many reclining positions can it do? If you have a newborn, you need a fully reclining seat. Padding makes the ride more comfortable for the baby, but it’s not only the passenger’s comfort that’s important. Adjustable handles, easy maneuverability and bars that are easily opened or removed so you can get the baby in and out easily are other comfort features to look for in a lightweight strollers for toddlers
  4. Washability or an easy clean surface – Because babies are messy. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Quality – Make sure it is sturdy and well constructed. Lightweight strollers for toddlers are expensive, so you should get the proper value for  money.
  6. Savings – If you want high-end strollers, search for used strollers on eBay, or get an older model, since sometimes the only difference is the fabric design.

Now that you know the pros and cons and what to look for in a lightweight baby stroller, good luck and choose well!

Lightweight Baby Stroller Brands

For parents looking for the best lightweight stroller, there are numerous manufacturers and brands that offer some excellent examples at very cost efficient prices.

Lightweight baby strollers are becoming increasingly popular with both parents and nannies due to the fast-paced lifestyle that creates a need for convenient operation in infant strollers. Prices for some of the best lightweight stroller lines can range from as little as 50 or $60, all the way up to 700 or even $1000.

The best lightweight strollers present consumers with some amazing features and extremely innovative designs with some of the more popular and well-known brands on the market today. Some of the best lightweight stroller brands include Maxi, Kolcraft, and McLaren to name but a few.
Many of the best lightweight stroller examples incorporate high safety features such as three point and five point harness strapping systems to keep your infants safe and secure, especially on bumpy terrain.

Nearly all of the lightweight strollers for toddlers today incorporate an extremely innovative steering system and many of the best lightweight stroller vehicles actually have independent suspension systems allowing for a smooth and safe ride for your infant.

The best lightweight stroller manufacturers also understand the need for convenience and user-friendly operation with many of their lightweight strollers and the aftermarket accessories available are extremely useful for people who are constantly on the move.

There are also some very creative designs presented by the manufacturers and consumers can now enjoy some really beautiful colors and designs incorporated in both the material and the framework of many of the light weight baby stroller examples.

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