Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review:-

Safety 1st now has a new revolutionary way of keeping your child safe during a car accident thanks to its Air Protect Side Impact Technology.Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

The convertible car seat Complete Air employs this new Air Protect Technology and will keep your child protected as a rear-facing infant car seat from 5-40  lbs and 22-50 lbs as a forward-facing toddler car seat.

With the Complete Air 65 model and the LX or SE models, children can sit rear-facing from 5-40  lbs and forward-facing from 22-65 lbs.

All Complete Air car seat models include an up-front harness adjustment and a one-click LATCH system.

The LX and SE models also include a recline feature.

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Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review:- Features

  • Air Protect™ Revolutionary Side Impact Technology: Breakthrough system shields head and immediately reduces side impact forces through the precise release of air
  •  QuickFit™ Harness System adjusts harness height from the front in one easy step without uninstalling from the car
  • Harness accommodates children up to 50 pounds
  • One-Click LATCH installation system allows for faster and easier installation when moving between vehicles
  • 5-position adjustable headrest easily accommodates your growing child
  • Removable cup holder
  • Washable seat pad
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 19 x 18 inches ; 18.6 pounds  (5-50 lb model)
  • Product Dimensions: 23 x 18.8 x 28.2 inches ; 20.9 pounds (5-65 lb LX model)

In addition to the above features, the below models come with extras:

 Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Car Seat:

  • Harness accommodates children up to 65 pounds

 Safety 1st Complete Air LX 65 Car Seat:

  • Harness accommodates children up to 65 pounds
  • 3-position recline can be adjusted with one hand

Safety 1st Complete Air EX 65 Car Seat:

  • 3-position recline can be adjusted with one hand
  • Premium fabrics with custom embroidery
  • Harness accommodates children up to 65 pounds



What Is Air Protect Technology?

Air Protect Technology is Safety 1st’s innovative car seat safety feature which, through the precise release of air, shields children from side impact intrusion and immediately reduces crash forces at the most critical spot on a child’s body: around a child’s head.

Air Protect® does this by extending ride-down, the amount of time it takes to slow a child’s movement in a crash.Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review

Air Protect® Technology has been designed to defend against the biggest threat to children on the road today; side-impact collisions.  1 in 4 car crashes involving children in side-impact collisions.

Side impact crashes are by far the deadliest type of collision for children, accounting for one in three child fatalities; most of which are caused by head trauma.

The placement of Air Protect® Technology on the car seat diverts crash forces away from a child’s head, the most vulnerable place in a side-impact crash.

Air Protect™ was engineered to defend your child in two vital ways. During a crash, the system immediately shields your child’s head from the impact.

In the second layer of defense, Air Protect™ allows air to escape from the headrest: channeling crash energy away from your child, creating more ride downtime.


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Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review:- Video

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review:- Pros

The Safety 1st Complete Air, Complete Air 65, and Complete Air LX car seats have received excellent ratings and the Complete Air SE has received a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewers have written comments on the message boards at,,, and

Users love the Safety 1st Complete Air convertible car seat collection and are thrilled that they can get such a safe seat with top-notch side impact protection at such a good price point.

They say the seat is easy to install and it stays tight and secure in the car.

They love that that seat can accommodate a child rear-facing until 40 lbs, which is perfect with the new safety recommendations suggesting that children sit rear-facing for a minimum of the first two years of life.

This recommendation will be easy to uphold by using this car seat.

The car seat straps and buckles are simple to use and the seat is roomy and comfortable for toddlers.

The seat fabric and the safety straps are soft and nice to the touch and the side airhead cushions are not only great for safety but also for supporting a child’s head during naps.

The car seat is made in the USA, which pleases many users, and reviewers say the Latch system is super easy to use.  Users feel this is a high-quality car seat and is similar or equal to the quality of Britax car seats–but for less money.

Many users give accounts of accidents they have been in while their child was riding in this seat and tell that even in accidents where the car flipped, their child was completely unharmed, even scratch and bruise-free…  A fantastic and safe car seat!



Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review:- Cons

The number one complaint users have about the Safety 1st Complete Air car seat collection is that the Complete Air is a large seat that takes up a lot of room in the back seat when it is in the rear-facing position.

However, users do say that if your car allows the car seat to be positioned in the middle seat then you won’t have a problem with space and won’t have to worry about the car seat pushing the front seat forward.

Some users complain that the seat when in the rear-facing position, causes the child to sit too upright. However, many other users have responded to these users saying they have not installed the car seat correctly and if the seat is properly installed then it will be angled properly and they will not have this problem.

They recommend following the level on the side of the seat which should be parallel with the ground when installing.  It is best to also read the instruction manual when installing the seat and to watch the Safety 1st installation video on YouTube.

Most users say it took them 20-30 minutes to install the seat the first time and say you will need a noodle or a rolled-up towel to get the seat positioned at the correct angle when in the rear-facing position.

One major complaint some parents have about this car seat that can’t be remedied in any way is that the Air Protect air cushions that surround the child’s head block the child’s view out the window.

Some reviewers are bothered by this while others feel it is a price worth paying for the safety of their child.  A few users complain that the straps and buckles are hard to adjust, but many other users say they are easy to use, so…?

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review 1


  • Very Safe Seat
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Install
  • High Quality
  • Great Head Support Thanks To Side Impact Head Wings
Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review 2


  • Very Large in Rear-Facing Position—Takes Up A Lot Of Room
  • Side Impact Head Wings Can Block View Out Window

Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible Car Seat Review:- Conclusion

Overall, users love this car seat, feel very safe using it and would recommend the Safety 1st Complete Air series of car seats to anyone looking for an affordable and safe car seat.


Complete Air LX and SE Models

In addition to all of the comments listed above about the Safety 1st Complete Air car seat, there are also a few extra pluses for purchasing the LX or SE models.

Users love the recline feature on these models and say it is a great feature to have if you take long trips in the car.  They also say the seat glides into the recline position very smoothly and you won’t even wake up a sleeping baby or child doing so.

These users feel it is definitely worth the extra money to purchase these deluxe models.

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