Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller has all of the essentials your growing family needs.

Perfect for accommodating your two little ones, the stroller features stadium-style seating to offer view of the child in the rear seat, and also to make strolling more enjoyable.

With lots of features and functionalities, the Graco DuoGlider is probably the most affordable stroller of its kind, delivering efficiency and enjoyment to children while taking the hassle out of strolling for parents.

Read our comprehensive review of the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller below.

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review :- Features

  • Front and rear seats.
  • Stadium-style seating.
  • Total stroller capacity of 80 pounds, 40 pounds per seat.
  • Multi-recline seats, with rear seat reclining into a fully-flat position.
  • 2 individual canopies.
  • 2 individual footrests.
  • 3-point harness for each seat.
  • Front and rear child’s trays.
  • Extra-large storage basket.
  • 1 parent’s tray.
  • One-hand fold.
  • Swiveling front wheels are lockable.
  • 2-step brake system.
  • Accommodates up to 2 Graco car seats.

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review: – Pros

The Graco DuoGlider is the perfect stroller for growing families, as it can easily accommodate two toddlers due to sporting two comfortable, roomy seats.

The stadium-style seating offers better view of the child in the rear seat, preventing boredom and keeping him engaged during the entire ride.

Having been built for comfort, both seats can be reclined to enhance comfort even more.

However, only the rear seat can be placed in a fully-flat position, so your littlest one can take a nap if he has had enough adventure for today.

Similar to other strollers of its kind, the Graco DuoGlider can hold up to 40 pounds per seat, which equals a total capacity of 80 pounds.

Both seats are equipped with effective 3-point harness systems to provide maximum safety and security to your children, and also to prevent accidents that might injure them.

Furthermore, the harness system will also reduce the impact caused by accidentally hitting stones or strolling on uneven terrains, hence ensuring that your kids will be kept secure during the entire ride.

Each of the two seats has its own shade canopy that helps protect the children from UV rays, which are oftentimes the cause of many inconveniences for parents.

Moreover, there is one footrest for each seat to allow older toddlers to sit comfortably, without their feet suspended uncomfortably in the air.

This is extremely important because, as reported in many best sit and stand double stroller reviews, standard sit and stand strollers have just one canopy, which cannot provide proper coverage for both children.

Thanks to the two trays provided for each seat, you can always keep your children’s bottles or pacifiers within easy reach.

A third parent tray is located on the handle of the stroller, offering cup holders that can accommodate your cup of coffee or tea and provide superior support to prevent leaks.

Maneuvering the Graco DuoGlider is relatively simple thanks to the swiveling front wheels.

Turning sideways will be a breeze, which can take the hassle out of handling the stroller in crowded areas, or in traffic.

However, the wheels can be locked in place if you want to gain better on the stroller.

This will help prevent undesired movement of the wheels in critical moments, hence preventing potential accidents that might result as such.


Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review:- Cons

In terms of downsides, there is not much to say about the Graco DuoGlider.

Customers have reported that the rear shade canopy is not adjustable as the front one, which allows the sun and wind to beam right in.

This kind of defeats the purpose of having it in the first place, as it will not benefit the child in the back of the stroller.Graco-DuoGlider-Click-Connect-Stroller-Review-3

When the rear seat is reclined in a flat position, you will not be able to access the storage basket.

This seems to be a common concern in other models as well, and it will likely make it very difficult to reach for your essentials.

Despite having stadium-style seating, there is no significant height difference between the two seats, as reported in several best sit and stand double stroller reviews.

As such, the child in the rear seat will not be able to see out, which may cause him to become nervous or start crying.

Removing the canopy on the front seat might help, but this will remove the sun protection intended for the kid in the front seat.

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller Review: – Final Thoughs

The Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller is undoubtedly an outstanding duo stroller, and although it has some flaws, they will not greatly impact your experience.

As a matter of fact, we find this model to be the most feature-rich given its price tag from, hence being also very affordable and accessible to parents who want to provide equal comfort, support and safety for their both kids.

Consider reading other customers’ best sit and stand double stroller reviews, as this will help you get a better idea about what to expect of the stroller.


This review doesn’t end here, also you can read more customer reviews for the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller or If you want to know the current price of this stroller then you can view it at

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