Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller Reviews

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller Reviews

Best suited for parents of a newborn and a growing toddler, the Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller implements a simple design that allows you to consistently supervise the littlest one in your family.

Offering 12 different configurations of riding options, the stroller is versatile and can accommodate the needs of a growing family with ease.

Equipped with convertible 3- to 5-point harnesses, lockable swiveling front wheels, a parent’s and a child’s tray, and a large storage basket, the Graco Ready2Grow sit and stand might be the only stroller your family will actually need.

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Let’s take a closer look at the performance of this Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller below;

Features & Specifications

  • 1 front seat + 1 rear seat
  • Bench seat + standing platform
  • 12 configurations of riding options
  • Total stroller capacity of 90 pounds: front seat holds 50 pounds, rear seat holds 40 pounds
  • Convertible 3- and 5-point safety harness
  • Lockable front swiveling wheels with suspension
  • 2 removable shade canopies
  • 1 parent’s tray with pivoting cup holder
  • Removable child’s tray
  • Large storage basket

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Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller Reviews:- Pros

There is nothing short of spectacular of the Graco Ready2Grow Sit and Stand Stroller. As many best sit and stand double stroller reviews have already reported, this unit accommodates two children of same or different age, with front and rear seats that can be converted to bench seat and standing platform as well.

However, the Ready2Grow can accommodate only 90 pounds instead of 100 pounds, as could the Graco DuoGlider and Graco RommFor2, with the front seat supporting up to 50 pounds. But since the front seat is also smaller as compared to the rear one, this should not be an issue.

The most convenient aspect about the Ready2Grow Click Connect are the 12 configurations of riding options available. You can have two seats, two infant car seats, one seat and one infant car seat, front seat and the stand platform, rear seat and the bench seat, the bench seat and stand platform, and more.

As such, the stroller can be successfully utilized for both newborn and toddlers, and it can easily accommodate the needs of a growing family.

Having been engineered to keep both children safe, the Graco Ready2Grow stroller provides 5-point safety harness systems for both seats.

When removing the seats to access the bench seat, or respectively the standing platform, the harness is converted to a 3-point harness, which ensures that your two kids are properly buckled in during the entire ride.

As for maneuverability, this Graco sit and stand double stroller is equipped with swiveling front wheels that easily turn to any direction, hence making it easy to control the stroller in crowded areas such as supermarkets. For parents’ peace of mind, the front wheels can always be locked in place using the foot-activated trigger.

This helps prevent the stroller from turning sideways when it should not, which enhances your kids’ security when strolling on uneven terrain, in the traffic, or in areas that pose a risk to their safety.

The storage on the Ready2Grow Click Connect Stroller is also particularly impressive, as there is one removable child’s tray with cup holders.

The tray is perfect for snakes and water or milk bottles, which will always be within your toddler’s easy reach. An additional parent’s tray is provided in the rear, also including a cup holder if you ever want to drink a cup of coffee or tea, or simply keep your essentials at hand.

As with other strollers of its kind, the Graco Ready2Grow sit and stand double strollers features a large storage basket beneath, which can accommodate diapers, clothing for cold weather, and even snacks.

The basket is easier to access as compared to those on other models, specifically because the rear seat is elevated, so you will have plenty of room to fit your hand inside.

The shade canopies are large and will provide good cover to both kids, and they can also be removed if the weather is relatively sunny but not excessively hot or windy.


Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller Reviews:- Cons

While this might not necessarily be a con, the Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller is extremely long and also bulky, which can make it hard to push.

Weighing at 37.7 pounds, the stroller is extremely heavy and since both of your kids likely weigh at least 30 pounds each, you will be pushing nearly 100 times every time you stroll. And if they go above 35-40 pounds, it will be even harder to push, as reported in many best sit and stand double stroller reviews.

Another drawback is the lack of multi-recline positions for the rear seat. The seat can stand only upright so your little one cannot take a nap, which is pretty disappointing given that cheaper models have this feature.

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Best Uses

The Graco Ready2Grow stroller is best to use if you have a newborn and a growing toddler. Buying it for two growing toddlers might render your purchase pointless since the rear seat is not that roomy, and it can only accommodate a smaller kid.

You may want to look for another model if you have two newborn babies of similar ages, as you will not have visibility to the front seat. Moreover, accident risk is greater in the front seat in the event of an impact, and keeping your newborn safe is a priority.

Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect Double Stroller Reviews: – Final Thoughts

In spite of a couple of downsides, the Graco Ready2Grow Click Connect LX Stroller remains an extremely versatile, flexible and easy to use double stroller.

Although its price might be quite expensive for some parents, buying this particular stroller will certainly be an excellent deal, as it will likely be the only stroller your family needs for the years to come.

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