Dream On Me / Mia Moda Compagno Stroller, Mint Java Review


Dream On Me/Mia Moda Compagno Stroller, Rosso

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  • Standing Board, Handle Bars, safety strap & Resting Pad for older child to stand
  • Fully Padded Rear Seat with safety strap for older child to sit behind Infant
  • Easy One-Hand fold with free-standing feature
  • Front Seat has 2-Position Recline & 5-Point Harness with breathable air mesh fabric
  • Large Canopy with UV protected sun window and sun visor

Dream On Me / Mia Moda Compagno Stroller Review


Baby strollers provide easy comfort, especially when you want to bring your infant to trips outside. While there are many kinds of baby strollers available nowadays, not each one might be a good choice especially with regards to the safety of your baby.

With that, here’s a quick review of the Dream on Me / Mia Moda Compagno Stroller.

Dream On Me / Mia Moda Compagno Stroller, Mint Java Review 1Benefits / Product Features

So what makes Mia Moda’s Dream On Me baby stroller a good choice?

It’s very comfortable – given the plush interior of this stroller, infant pillow and comfortable resting pad, your infant will feel at ease even as you go.Dream On Me/Mia Moda Compagno Stroller

It’s more manageable – compared to other baby strollers, this one from Mia Moda is made to steer easily so maneuvering it wherever you go will not be a problem. The Dream On Me stroller also has big wheels so going over bumpy sidewalks is very easy to do.

It’s safe and standard – aside from being stylish, Mia Moda’s stroller is equipped with safety features like safety harness to keep your child safe, snug, and comfortable. It also follows U.S. safety standards on strollers so your baby is not likely to fall down or have the stroller suddenly tip forward without you knowing.

It’s a double stroller – instead of buying two, the Dream On Me stroller by Mia Moda is a double stroller that you can use for your infant to sit or sleep comfortably.

The stroller also features the following:

  • 5-point safety harness
  • Detachable extra front tray and cup holders
  • Fixed and swivel wheels
  • Two-position recline
  • Unisex

Customer Reviews

So what are customers saying with their use of the Dream on Me / Mia Moda Compagno Stroller, Mint Java? Here are the pros and cons of several customers.


  • It handles very well with bigger wheels for better suspension and easy maneuvering/steering
  • It fits children as old as 5 years old
  • It has an additional cup holder
  • The basket is easy to access
  • It’s a great stroller for shopping and amusement parks
  • It’s easily convertible to an older child or an infant carrier
  • Its front seat reclines better than most strollers
  • It has adjustable handle heights


  • It’s big and heavy which is not suitable for those looking for small or compact carriers
  • The handle heights can only be adjusted to a certain height which might be a problem for very tall people

Where to Buy

If you want the comfort that the Dream on Me / Mia Moda Compagno Stroller, Mint Java offers, check out the latest prices and selling options available on Amazon today to get discounts and free shipping orders. For more details, visit Amazon.com to see some more buying options that will fit your needs.

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