Choosing A Joggers Stroller Is A Little Tricky

There are hundreds of models out there and it can get a little confusing. If you focus on what is important for you and your child – you will make the right choice. Here is how to do it.

Child First:

  • Make sure that the joggers stroller is appropriate for your child’s age, and size.
  • For infants, you will need fully reclining seats so that they can lie flat, an extendable canopy for maximum shade, and light colored fabrics that won’t trap heat.
  • For larger toddlers, look for longer seat backs, roomier cabins, & greater foot room


  • Decide how you and baby will enjoy the stroller. Will you spend your time in the mall, strolling on sidewalks, hiking along rough trails, training for a marathon, or a combination of these activities?
  • For malls and everyday use, you will need a swivel wheels and 12 inch tires, but for serious running, you will need a fixed wheel and 16 or 20 inch tires. Hiking and trails will require knobby off-road tires and a suspension system. Your activities will determine which features you’ll need.
  • In addition, there are some basic features that every stroller should have: parking brakes & / or handbrake, a 5 point harness, large underseat basket, and no sharp edges on the frame.

Homework Time:

  • Now that you know what you need, figure out which strollers have those features
  • Start by researching strollers online on websites like this one and compare models
  • Read reviews from other parents online to hear about their real life experiences
  • Taking notes at the stage will help you stay organized throughout the buying process

Test & Learn:

  • After you have narrowed the list, you need to test a few of the models
  • Try going down to a local retailer to test the stroller or ask a friend to borrow theirs to try it out

Find A Store:

  • It’s comparison shopping time! Now that you have settled on a particular brand and model, you need to find the best store to make a purchase.
  • A good store will have live customer service, reliable shipping, and a no hassles return policy.
  • They should have an established online presence with good customer feedback that you can review on their site.


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