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Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller is one of the few models of its kind to have the convenience of both a sit and stand stroller and standard double stroller.

Roomy and comfortable, the stroller is flexible in a wide variety of situations, and has room to grow as your family does.

The tandem Sit-N-Stand Double accepts two infant car seats and it has all the great features of the Baby Trend traditional Sit N Stand Stroller.

Keep reading this Baby Trend Strollers review below to get a better idea about this model.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review :- Features

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Infant and Toddler Double Stroller

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  • Convertible double stroller with front and rear seats or a removable rear seat for a standing platform
  • Features covered parent tray with 2-cup holders hold your phone, keys, and drinks
  • One-handed folding function is fast and easy to use
  • 5-point child restraint safety harness
  • Removable, swing-away child tray with cup holder
  • 1 front seat + 1 rear seat.
  • The rear seat is convertible to standing platform.
  • Total stroller capacity of 100 pounds, 50 pounds per seat.
  • 5-point safety harness for both seats.
  • Multi-recline positions for both seats.
  • 2 child’s tray + cup holders.
  • 1 parent’s tray with 1 cup holder.
  • Extra-large basket.
  • 2 individual canopies.
  • Accommodates up to 2 car seats.
  • Younger child in front while an older child can sit or stand in the rear
  • Covered parent tray with 2-cup holders
  • One hand fold is fast and easy to use
  • 5-point child restraint safety harness
  • Removable/Swing away child tray with cup holder
  • Removable rear seat converts stroller to traditional Sit N Stand
  • Foot activated rear brake

Accepts two infant car seats:

  • Baby Trend – 22 lbs & 30 lbs
  • Evenflo – Embrace, Discovery
  • Britax – Companion, Chaperone


21.5″W x 49″L x 43″H


32.5 lbs

Recommended Use

Front/Back Seat: Sit upright unassisted-up to40 lbs or 40″
Jump Seat: 2 1/2 years- up to 40 lbs

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review:- Pros

This Sit N Stand Double Stroller is flexible and extremely versatile in many situations. The stroller can hold two seats, one regular seat and one infant car seat, two car seats, and a single seat with the traditional sit and stand platform in the rear.Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review

This is perfect if you have children of different ages, or if you simply want to make riding in tandem more enjoyable.

Each seat will accommodate up to 50 pounds, which is better than the Graco DuoGlider and pretty much similar to other strollers of its kind as well.

Moreover, this Baby Trend stroller has been designed to provide excellent comfort, support and safety for your two kids.

Each seat has a 5-point safety harness that keeps your little ones secure during the entire ride, significantly reducing injury risk by minimizing the impact caused by hitting stones or strolling on uneven terrain.

The seats can also be reclined in order to allow your children to sit in a more comfortable position during the ride, which is especially convenient if you have a newborn who’s had enough adventure for today.

This double stroller offers superior storage, as there are two trays, one for each child. The trays can accommodate both snacks and bottles, and can also be removed if desired.

When converting the rear seat to the sit and stand platform, the rear tray will have to be removed in order to ensure that your kid will sit comfortably.

The underneath storage basket is also very generous in size, and it will easily hold a pack of diapers plus a few jackets.

Many best sit and stand stroller reviews have pointed out the shade canopies on this Baby Trend stroller, which are a bit larger than those on other models.

This gives better coverage to both children, ensuring them of complete protection against sun, wind, and other elements. The canopies can also be removed if you want.

This Sit N Stand Double Stroller has received excellent ratings  from hundreds of reviews at,, and

There are many reviewers who have rated this double stroller with a full 5 out of 5 stars declaring it the “best double stroller.”

These users think the Baby Trend Sit N Stand double stroller is a “great buy” at a “great price,” and they absolutely “love this stroller.”

These positive reviewers say the stroller is easy to fold, fits in the trunk of sedans and is a pleasure to use.

Users love that the stroller has two footrests, two stroller seats, two sun canopies and two child snack trays.

They also love that they can use an infant car seat in both the front and rear of the stroller thus allowing them the option to keep baby close to them in the rear.

Users are also pleased at how easy it is to remove the second stroller seat, which can then be folded and stored in the stroller storage basket.

This then converts the stroller to a traditional sit n stand stroller for when your toddler wants to sit on the jump seat or stand on the toddler platform.

If, and when, your toddler becomes tired and needs to rest, the seat can be easily reattached and your toddler can nap.

Both seats have a two position recline (but do not recline flat) and are comfortable for children of all ages.

The stroller turns well, fits in narrow aisles, and is easy to maneuver.

Many parents love this double stroller thanks to its ease of use and its versatility in meeting the needs of every member of a growing family, regardless of age.  Several users write, “perfect for our family’s needs!”


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review:- Cons

Baby-Trend-Sit-N-Stand-Double-Stroller-Review-3There are not any major drawbacks of this particular stroller.

According to some best sit and stand stroller reviews, this model is quite hard to push, which reduces maneuverability and makes it quite difficult to handle in crowded spaces.

This double stroller will be easier to maneuver if the rear seat is converted to the sit and stand platform, as you will be removing the extra weight and make it less difficult to push.

Moreover, this Baby Trend stroller is not very lightweight, and its design is actually quite bulky.

At 33 pounds, the stroller is heavy, which can also make it difficult to fit in the back of your car even when folded down into a more compact size.

Some reviewers rate this double stroller with 1 out of 5 stars and really wish they could give it a zero, if the rating system allowed.

These users say the stroller is not at all comfortable for their children and their kids cry whenever forced to ride in the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller.

These users also complain that this double stroller is really hard to steer and maneuver and that pushing or turning the stroller when loaded with two kids is near impossible (but other reviewers say it is easy to push, turn and maneuver, so??).

Users also hate that they can’t easily access the storage basket and that the front sun canopy is too short.

Others complain that the front footrest always pops off when the stroller is folded and are upset that the stroller seats don’t recline enough.

Some say the stroller is just too big and heavy, isn’t good for any surface except a perfectly smooth surface, is not made well, and won’t last long.

These users think the stroller is “horrible” and that purchasing it was a “big mistake.”

Best Uses:

Parents of two kids can confidently choose the Baby Trend Sit N Stand, which has been engineered to accommodate both toddlers and newborns.

The stroller is good for short trips to the market and can be particularly comfortable for walks in the park.

However, you may want to choose a different model if you are planning to fly to another country, as the stroller can be quite hard to push in crowded spaces, especially with both kids on.

Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Vs. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Plus

Baby Trend Sit N Stand DoubleWhat makes the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double different from the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Plus is the ability to accept two car infant car seats.

This means the Double Sit N Stand stroller can work with two young children/babies of the same or similar ages.

The Baby Trend Plus can only accept one infant car seat, yet comes with a removable rear stroller seat.

The Plus stroller is designed for parents with one baby and one young toddler-who has needs partially provided by a regular double stroller and partially provided by a regular sit n stand stroller.

The Sit N Stand Double is also a great option for parents who want to have the traditional features of a sit n stand stroller (meaning your older toddler can choose to sit or stand) but who want the infant car seat to be attached in the rear close to you.

Most Sit to Stand strollers only allow the infant car seat to attach in the front of the stroller, far from the stroller pusher.

Because the Sit N Stand Double allows infant car seats to be attached in both the front and rear of the stroller, you get to decide where baby will be positioned.

For this reason, this version of Baby Trends Sit N Stand stroller series is also a great option for parents with only one baby and one toddler.


Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller Review:- Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a double stroller that is easy to use, pretty affordable, and also grows along with your family, the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller might be just the perfect choice for you.Baby-Trend-Sit-N-Stand-Double-Stroller-Review-2

Thanks to the sit and stand platform in the rear, your older toddler can actually stay engaged and enjoy his ride more, which can dramatically improve your experience.

Despite the very passionate negative reviews, the overall assessment of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller is positive.

The majority of reviewers are very pleased with their purchase, especially for what they are getting for the price, and love the versatility and ease of use of this double stroller.

For a growing family with multiple changing needs, the Sit N Stand Double stroller just may be what you are looking for.

If you are willing to spend more money, you might want to look into the Britax B-Ready stroller aswell.

  • Can be used with two infant car seats to create a double travel system or can be used with one infant car seat that can be positioned in either the front or rear of the stroller.
  • In addition, the rear stroller seat can be removed, folded and stored in the storage basket if you want to use the stroller as a traditional sit n stand allowing your toddler to hop on and off as he pleases and sit on the rear pull out seat or stand.
  • Folds compact and doesn’t take up much room in sedan trunk
  • 2 position reclining stroller seats
  • Easy to maneuver and narrow frame
  • A lot of stroller for the price
  • Canopy too small
  • Basket to hard to access
  • Not easy to maneuver
  • Children complain that seats are not comfortable
  • Wheels only good for stroller on perfectly smooth surfaces or paved surfaces

Also, you can read more customer reviews about the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller or If you want to know the current price of this stroller then you can see it at

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* The Baby Trend make others stroller in different series, check out them here.



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