Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review

Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review

An upgrade from the Britax B-Safe, the Britax B-Safe Ultra infant car seat has even more to offer keeping your mind at ease knowing your baby is comfortable, safe and secure whenever they are strapped into this car seat.

It does weigh more than most infant car seats but what do you expect from a car seat which is so heavily protected.

The base is among the heaviest of our top 10, as it’s our only infant car seat to have an impact absorbing base, but luckily the base will generally remain in the car so the weight factor of the base is irrelevant.


Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review:- Features

Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat, Cool Flow Grey

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  • Ride comfortably: Cool Flow ventilated mesh fabric improves air flow to ensure added comfort
  • Rideshare ready: European Belt Guide allows for installation without the base as needed
  • Surrounded in safety: 2 layers of side impact protection, quick adjust head protection, steel frame, and impact absorbing base
  • Travel system ready: Compatible with Britax B Agile, B Free, B Mobile, B Ready Strollers using the built in adapters and with all BOB Single and Duallie strollers (Adapter sold separately)
  • Fits: Rear facing 4 to 35 pounds, seat area 13 x 8.75 inches (DxW); Dimensions: 17.75 x 25 x 30.62 inches (WxHxD); Buckle Strap Depths 4 / 6 inches , Shoulder Width 10 inches
  • SafeCell complete side impact protection surrounds your child in a deep protective shell, which is lined withenergy absorbing foam, this absorbs crash forces and shields your child.
  • SafeCell impact absorbing base means the base also has energy absorbing foam, reducing potential damage done to your child.
  • SafeCell impact stabilizing steel frame gives the car seat the extra strength to reduce any chance of crumbling upon impact.
  • 5-point harness system with easy release harness button allows the straps to loosen effortlessly.
  • Click & go system ensures quick and secure attachment to any Britax B-Series stroller.
  • LATCH connectors with pull down straps provides a simple and convenient installation process.
  • Head pillow for newborns to get a better fit, but can be removed.
  • Dual level indicators on base allow you to get the correct angle when installing the seat.
  • Spring assisted recline allows easy seat angle adjustment.
  • Built-in lock-offs ensures a tight and secure seatbelt installation with minimal effort.
  • Large canopy can be rotated to shield your baby from weather conditions.
  • Ergonomic handle designed for comfort when carrying the car seat.
  • Certified for aircraft travel.
  • The same Britax B-Safe Ultra additional car seat base can be purchased, ideal if your child regularly travels in more than one vehicle.
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Child weight: 4 – 35lbs
  • Child standing height: Up to 32 inches
  • Dimensions – Handle up (inches): 17.75W x 25H x 26.5D
  • Weight – Car seat only: 10lbs
  • Weight – Base only: 9lbs
  • Weight – Combined: 19lbs


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Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review

Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review:- Analysis

SafeCell impact protection

SafeCell impact protection is a combination of safety features that work together to provide protection beyond the US safety standards. Britax only incorporates this system into their top of the range car seats.Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review

Side impact protection lines the shell with energy absorbing foam, and it does three things.

Distributes crash forces, shields your child from vehicle intrusion and contains the head and body.

As well as having the shell lined with energy absorbing foam which pretty much all of our best infant car seats have, the energy absorbing foam may not absorb all of the impact.

By having an impact absorbing base like the Britax B-Safe Ultra does, there is a better chance most of the impact will be absorbed by the foam and resulting in less potential injury.

Upon impact the seat will compress into the base where it’s lined with the energy absorbing foam, by doing this there is less of a whiplash effect.

Having an impact stabilizing steel frame provides the extra strength where it’s most needed.

This infant car seat definitely ticks all of our boxes when it comes to finding the safest infant car seat.

LATCH connectors with pull down strap

The LATCH connectors is designed to make installing the car seat safe and simple, but by having the added pull down strap this ensures an even more secure installation.

Once you pull the straps to tighten the LATCH connectors the straps will return to its original position so the straps are not in the way but the LATCH connectors will still remained tightened.

Britax B-Series Stroller compatibility

The CLICK & GO system means any Britax B-Series stroller is already equipped with a built-in receiver so the Britax B-Safe Ultra infant car seat and slot straight in without requiring any additional adapters.

The B-Series strollers consists of: B-Ready, B-Agile and B-Nimble.

The B-Ready stroller allows you to attach the infant car seat either forward or rear facing.

The only downfall of the Britax strollers is it can be quite expensive, on average it costs quite a bit more than the Graco strollers.

Dual level indicator

This basically eliminates guessing whether the car seat base is installed at the correct angle.

By having a level indicator as long as the green mark falls between the white lines you can’t really go wrong.

The spring assisted recline will also enable you to easily adjust the angle of the seat, which makes the installation process even easier.

Additional car seat base

Like our other infant car seats, an additional base can be purchased for this one too.

This offers a lot of convenience and can save time as it’ll eliminate having to install the base in different vehicles.

The cost of the Britax B-Safe Ultra base is a lot more than others unfortunately but it does include an impact energy absorbing foam base, so you are getting the same base which comes as standard.

Britax B-Safe Ultra Infant Car Seat Review:- Conclusion

With advanced safety features the Britax B-Safe Ultra infant car seat will give you your money’s worth, the car seat itself isn’t overpriced considering the features it includes.

If you are going to be using it with a stroller however, then it can get quite expensive despite the strollers being sturdy and well built.

As the car seat itself is pretty heavy weighing 10 pounds without the base, it’s unlikely you would want to be carrying it around for long therefore a stroller may be inevitable for some.

Just like the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35, the B-Safe Ultra covers children in a weight range of 4 – 35 pounds and a height of up to 32 inches so you should get at least 18 months use out of the car seat and much longer out of the stroller.

This car seat has a lot more to offer than safety but we do rate this as one of our safest infant car seats, and if safety is your number one concern then scroll up the page to read about the SafeCell impact protection then you’ll likely to be convinced.


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