Best Lightest Infant Car Seat

Lightest Infant Car Seat

Having a lightweight infant car seat is definitely more convenient, but for some it can also be a concern. You may be worried that if the car seat is lighter, does that mean it’s not as safe or sturdy compared to other top rated infant car seats.

Well the answer is not necessarily, as we’ve put together a table showing the top 5 lightest infant car seats, which we take into account the weight of the car seat as well as the safety features, etc.

When we was analyzing the lightest infant car seats, we found that 3 of the car seats we used in the table also appear in our top 10 best infant car seats table, and the 3 car seats also happen to be the top 3 best rated in the table as well.

 The reason why these 3 car seats appear in both tables is because they have good solid safety features and they are also lightweight which makes them more convenient.

The lightest infant car seat is

From our research we have concluded that the Evenflo Nurture is the lightest infant car seat, but we’ve not given this the number one spot on our table as it doesn’t beat the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30, which is our top rated lightest infant car seat.

Despite being the lightest, the Evenflo Nurture can’t rival the other infant car seats in our table for numerous reasons, one reason being it has a maximum weight recommendation of 22 pounds and maximum height recommendation of 29 inches.

The Graco SnugRide Click Connect 30 only weighs 0.7 pounds more (car seat and base) but allows your baby to weigh up to 30 pounds and has a height allowance of up to 30 inches. Based on that fact alone, you already know you’ll be getting much more use out of the Graco SnugRide.

The Evenflo also doesn’t have any strollers designed for this particular model whereas the Graco has a whole range.

How a lightweight infant car seat can benefit you

Sometimes you will make short trips perhaps to the local shops or going into the gas station, where carrying the infant car seat will be the most convenient option. Having a lighter infant car seat will take just that little bit of weight and strain off your arms and shoulders.

Having to carry the car seat up a flight of stairs can be very tiring, of course most places now will also have escalators or lifts but what if it was out of action and you had to use the stairs. If you lived on say the third floor of a block of apartments and the lift was temporarily out of action, having to carry a heavy car seat as well as maybe shopping bags will really wear you out. Therefore think of the worst case scenario you’re likely to be in and decide whether a lightweight infant car seat will be more beneficial for you.

If having a lightweight infant car seat is a higher priority then perhaps you may want to avoid a convertible car seat, as they tend to weigh on average around double the weight of the lightest infant car seats. This is the weight based on the weight of the infant car seat being detached from the car seat base (convertible car seats doesn’t have a separate base), assuming you would be carrying around just the car seat and leaving the base in the vehicle.

Stroller compatibility

Pretty much all infant car seats will be compatible with a least one stroller, however the Evenflo Nurture doesn’t have any strollers made by the manufacturers specifically for this car seat. However you can purchase other strollers designed to carry most infant car seats for this car seat.

Other manufacturers such as Graco will have a range of strollers designed to be compatible with their infant car seats. The stroller shown on the right is the Graco FastAction Click Connect Stroller, this means it is compatible with any Graco click connect infant car seat. 

If you do feel that you would be using a stroller all the time, then this does kind of lowers the priority of needing a lightweight infant car seat, but if this is the case then make sure that safety is still your highest priority.


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