Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review

Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review

Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review

For a single to double (or even triple stroller) that can be used as any everyday standard size stroller or as a lightweight jogging stroller, check out the Valco Baby Trimode EX single stroller!

It has everything you could ever want for a growing family and changing stroller needs—all in just one stroller!

  • Single to Double conversion stroller—can add a toddler seat to the stroller for use with a baby and a toddler at the same time and toddler seat sits up high in front of stroller giving the toddler a great view of the world.
  • Toddler seat does not affect how the stroller moves or is balanced.  You can also add a hitchhiking board behind the stroller for a third child
  • Very large sun canopy, mesh peek-a-boo window, and mesh window on back that can be unzipped for extra air on a hot day
  • Reclining stroller seat can lay flat and sit completely upright
  • Stroller good for everyday use or for all-terrain or light jogging
  • Adjustable handle, large storage basket, and parent compartment on back of canopy.  Stroller will not tip over if you hang bags off the handle bars
  • Wheels can be popped off for a more compact fold
  • Can be used as a travel system with infant car seat or as a pram with the bassinet
  • 2 hands to fold the stroller
  • Doesn’t have automatic lock when folded or carry handle
  • You can’t use the toddler seat and an infant car seat at the same time since they attach to the same area—so baby must lay in the stroller seat (not facing) you if your toddler rides in the toddler seat


Valco Baby Trimode EX Single Stroller Description

(Description Provided By Valco)

The Tri-Mode is an all terrain stroller with a compact fold, allowing you to take it anywhere. From newborn to the toddler years this stroller will grow with your family. It performs well in the city, rugged terrain and whatever the weather may bring.

This stroller offers flexibility to build and customize your package to benefit you and fit your lifestyle. Add the bassinet to make it a 3 wheel pram for newborn or the toddler seat to turn it into a stroller for two.

  • Compact fold: The stroller includes a rain cover, a head hugger, a front bumper bar, tire pump and adjustable handle.
  • One Touch Recline: An easy any position seat recline system that ranges from newborn to fully upright for toddlers.
  • Extra Storage: Storage pocket on the back of the canopy zips off to take with you when away from your stroller. Plus a large basket and side storage compartments.
  • Reflective Accents: Safe to use at night. Reflective binding on harness and hood allows the stroller to be visible in the dark.
  • Tri Mode Wheel System: Three wheel positions fixed for light jogging, 45 degree angle for toddler seat, to full swivel mode for ultra mobility.
  • Full Coverage Canopy: Lots of room for child to grow! The two position shade allows you to zip down the canopy when you need extra coverage and zip it back to let your child enjoy the view.
  • New Lightweight Wheels: Enjoy the Ride! 12 inch air filled tires providing natural suspension making it a smooth ride. All wheels are quick release.
  • Tether Safety Strap: Prevents the stroller from rolling away! Looping your wrist through one end of the strap and the other secured to the stroller frame ensures the stroller will be near you at all times

Product Dimensions (inches)

  • Open: 26 (W) x 36 (L)
  • Folded: 26 (W) x 29 (L) x 18 (H)
  • Folded without wheels: 21 (W) x 26 (L) x 15.5 (H)
  • Seat width: 12.5
  • Seat depth: 9
  • Backrest height: 19
  • Footrest length: 14
  • Height from seat to hood: 25
  • Product Weight:  23 lbs.

Additional Accessories

  • Joey Toddler Seat: $80.00  Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review 1
  • Hush Bassinet: $100.00
  • Bassinet: $180.00
  • Bassinet Stand: $70.00
  • Parent Cup Holder: $20.00
  • Seat Pad: $19.99
  • Car Seat Adaptor (Britax, Peg Perego, Graco—Separate adaptor for each car seat brand): $40.00
  • Hitch Hiker (Toddler Board): $90.00
  • Child Snack Tray/Cup Holder: $20.00
  • Footmuff: $80.00
  • All Weather Protector: $49.99
  • Zip Sun Shade: $20.00


Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review:- Pros

There are not many online reviews for the Valco Baby Trimode Ex stroller but those users at, and who have taken the time to review this stroller have given it a full 5 out of 5 stars.  A perfect score!Valco-Tri-mode-EX-Single-Stroller-Review-2

Users say they “can’t say enough great things about this stroller” and love how smoothly the Valco Baby Trimode Ex stroller rides.  The stroller maneuvers like a dream and it is a synch to steer; you can even do so one-handed.

The stroller makes a great all-terrain stroller and glides effortlessly over uneven surfaces, grass, snow, and sand. This stroller also functions as a fantastic jogging stroller and users can’t believe how lightweight (23 lbs) and compact this stroller is compared to other joggers.

Users report that the Trimode Ex is a really sturdy stroller, is very well made, and feels like it will last a really long time.  And the longevity of the Valco Baby Trimode Ex stroller is part of the attraction of this stroller.

Single to Double to Triple Stroller Capabilities

What makes the Trimode Ex really stand out from the crowd is its ability to convert from a single stroller to a double stroller (or even a triple stroller if you need!).  This stroller will really grow with your family.  You can start out using this stroller with your first child as a regular single stroller.

Then, when your second child comes along you can convert this stroller to a double stroller by adding the toddler seat to the stroller. (This is not a stroller to use with twins but rather is a stroller for use with children of different ages).  The toddler seat is sold separately for an additional $80 and users say it is well worth the investment.

What reviewers really love about this toddler seat is that it sits up high in the front of the stroller and doesn’t disrupt the weight distribution on the stroller at all.  Pushing the stroller with the addition of the toddler seat, and the toddler, doesn’t make the stroller any more difficult to push or steer.

Users say even as a double, the Trimode Ex continues to function just as it did when it was a single stroller. No difference. This is an incredible feat in the stroller world and there are not many other single to double conversion strollers that are unaffected by the added weight of the second child.

Users also really like that the toddler sits up high in front of the stroller rather than sitting down low behind the stroller as some other single to double strollers do. And parents say that their toddler really loves sitting in this seat.  Toddlers feel like the king or queen of the world with such a commanding view.

And users love that when they don’t need the toddler seat they can just fold it up and put it in the stroller storage basket.  This feature makes it so easy to convert back and forth between a single and double stroller.

You can also purchase a hitch hiking toddler board if you want an older child to stand and ride along behind the stroller when they get tired of walking.

This then gives you the option of using the stroller with a baby and two toddlers or a baby, a toddler and a preschooler.  Everything you could ever need for a growing family, all in one stroller!

Jogging And All-Terrain Too

What makes the Valco Baby Trimode Ex even more unique than its single to double to triple capabilities, is its ability to also be used as a jogging stroller and an all-terrain stroller!

The stroller has a single front swivel wheel that can be adjusted for a full 360 degree swivel for getting around tight corners, a 45 degree swivel for use with the toddler seat or for when on neighborhood walks, and a locked position for when jogging or strolling over rough terrain.

In one stroller you have a regular single standard size stroller, a double stroller, a triple stroller, an all-terrain stroller and a jogging stroller! No need to own any other stroller.

More Great Trimode Features

Valco-Tri-mode-EX-Single-Stroller-Review-3Other pluses for this stroller is its large storage basket, padded seat, fully reclining stroller seat (great for newborns or forValco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review 2 toddler naps, its ability to convert to a travel system with several different brands of infant car seats, its ability to convert to a traditional baby carriage with the insertion of the baby bassinet, the safety tether (for use when jogging) and its adjustable handle bar.

Users also love the large sun canopy that can be extended for full sun coverage, the mesh peek-a-boo canopy window, and the 5-point safety harness that kids can’t undo themselves.

The stroller even comes with its own mini tire air pump that is cleverly hidden in a special pocket above the storage basket.

Reviewers love the convenient storage pocket on the back of the stroller seat that can be used for keys, cell phones, diapers and wipes, and you can unzip the storage pocket from the seat to take with you when you are finished with the stroller.

Behind the storage pocket is a mesh window that allows extra air to circulate into the stroller. The Valco Baby Trimode Ex has a fairly compact fold for a jogging stroller and can become even more compact with the easy removal of the front and back wheels.


Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review:- Cons

There are very few negatives for this stroller.  Some users say you can’t really use the sun canopy when the toddler seat is attached to the stroller, and they are disappointed that there is no toddler snack tray or kids cup holder included with this stroller (you have to purchase separately).

A few users also find the stroller a bit bulky when folded if you don’t remove the stroller wheels and you need two hands to fold the stroller.

You also have to manually lock the stroller when folded. In addition, the inserts for securing the toddler seat are the same as those for securing an infant carrier, meaning you can’t use the stroller as a travel system at the same time you are using the toddler seat.

One feature users would like to see on this stroller is the ability to unzip the back of the sun canopy, like on the Bumbleride Indie, for maximum air flow into the stroller on hot summer days.

However, there is the mesh window if you remove the zip storage pocket—and you can then attach the storage pocket to the stroller handle bars if you want).

Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review:- Summary

Overall this is a great stroller with lots of versatility –standard single stroller, jogging stroller, all-terrain stroller, double stroller that maneuvers like a single stroller, and even triple stroller capabilities with the addition of the hitch hiker board.

And at only 23 lbs what more could you ask for in a stroller? The Valco Baby Trimode EX deserves its perfect score.

My Two Cents

I’ve had the opportunity to take this stroller out for a super long test drive and it has been great.  First, the all terrain capabilities are fantastic.  I took this stroller through snow, slush, mud, grass, gravel and dirt and it just glided along without any difficulties.

I also took the stroller hiking up an uneven dirt/rock mountain hiking trail and the stroller did great (it handled the terrain much better than I did!).

I have also tested this stroller out in the mall and was very impressed with its 360 degree swivel wheel and I had no problem maneuvering between the crowds, the clothing racks in stores and the booths in the middle of the mall.

The stroller can be maneuvered with just one hand, even with my 29 lb toddler in the stroller seat and I love the storage capabilities on the stroller.

The storage basket can handle a large diaper bag, and then some, and you can put your keys, wallet, etc… in the storage pocket on the back of the sun canopy or in the mesh basket behind the stroller seat.

I could even hang bags off the handle bars and the stroller did not tip over; not even when the seat was empty!  Even though there is a strap system recline for the seat it is easy to do and I love that this stroller seat can be positioned completely upright—my toddler was so happy with this feature.

The seat is super comfortable and my daughter, who never sleeps in strollers, feel asleep and took a nap!Valco Tri mode EX Single Stroller Review 3

The 5-point harness buckle is complicated enough that my daughter can’t escape, but still easy enough for me latch and unlatch quickly—but you’ll need to give the grandparents a quick lesson.  The sun canopy is huge—and worked great to block the sun, rain and wind.

Overall, I really enjoyed using this stroller and found that it really provides the best of all worlds—all-terrain and jogging capabilities in a great everyday use stroller!  I’ve really enjoyed using this stroller and taking it, well, everywhere!  The perfect stroller for a day in the park.

My few complaints for the stroller are the same as those of other users—I hate the two-hand, two step fold and would love to see an automatic lock and carry handle for when the stroller is folded.  However, I am impressed with how compact this stroller folds, especially considering this is an all-terrain/jogging stroller.

It really does not take up much room in my trunk (a regular sedan-style car) and I can even fit this stroller, my umbrella stroller, and all my groceries in the trunk at the same time—and this with the wheels attached on the stroller!

In fact, I would say this stroller folds more compact than many regular standard size strollers I have seen.

The Valco Baby Trimode EX stroller is worth a buy!

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