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You have a shining glow on your face and you are really looking forward to being a mother…but sadly there are too many things to do before your baby actually arrives.

Your husband is busy and you have to plan out everything yourself. Some important decisions at this stage can help you save a lot of anxiety and money in the long run. If this is your first child and you plan on having one more kid, a double stroller would be a great idea.

Many times when parents are blessed with twins or perhaps have babies who were born not that far apart, a 2 seat stroller can really come in handy.

It is also useful for day care centers when the caregiver must take care of more than one child at a time. Fortunately, since double strollers have become quite popular, manufacturers are constantly coming up with new designs. You may however be wondering what the benefits of purchasing a double stroller may be.

The Advantages Of Owning a Double Stroller

There are many benefits to owning a double stroller, to begin with they are very cost effective. If you have a double stroller, when a second baby comes along you will not only have a place for him or her, but your older child can easily ride along as well. No need to purchase a second stroller.

Double strollers are also very convenient, you can have both children in one stroller during a family outing, a walk, shopping etc. They are also very comfortable and for the most part, baby and his or her older sibling prefer each other’s company, a double stroller will allow them to enjoy things together.

The variety of double stroller options is another plus, for example the sit-and-stand double stroller provides a space for baby to lie down, while your other child safely and comfortably stands. They are also very versatile, if for example you are only using one seat, the other can be used to conveniently carry groceries, purse, briefcase etc.

What Is the Difference Between a Side-By-Side Stroller and a Tandem Stroller?

Each of these styles of double strollers has advantages and disadvantages. Clearly understanding the differences is key in making the correct choice in stroller for you.

One of the most obvious differences is the width of the strollers, a tandem stroller is about the same width as a single stroller, however a side-by-side stroller is obviously wider being as your infants are sitting side to side.

Age plays a huge factor in whether a side-by-side stroller or a tandem strollers is best for you.

Double side-by-side stroller for twins. If you have twins, a side-by-side stroller will probably work best being as the babies can both lie down and as they grow sit up at the same pace.

The side by side double strollers has been designed with adjacent seats. Both children can sit beside each other. The beauty of these strollers is that your children will enjoy a better view, instead facing you as you push the stroller.

For example if you take them out to the zoo, you can park the stroller along side whatever it is you have stopped to show your children and they will be able to see a lot more that if they were sitting facing you. This is also great because you can park the stroller in a way that you are not blocking other people from passing by you.

Tandem strollers for infant and toddler. If however you have a toddler and a baby, a tandem stroller is a good option. It allows you toddler to comfortably sit up in front and view the world as you walk around, meanwhile baby can comfortable sleep in the reclined area behind your toddler. A tandem jogging stroller is often a popular choice.

Double Stroller Travel Systems


Most of the time. a tandem stroller includes a seat which easily accommodates a car seat for an infant. This is an excellent travel system for those who are often on the go.

Once again perfect if you have a toddler and a baby. There are also some models that accommodate a car seat in both seats, ideal for twins.


There are not many side-by-side strollers, if any at all which are able to accommodate a car seat for your infants. You will have to take the babies from the stroller, place them in the car seat and then back in the stroller once you arrive to your destination.

This can take quite a bit of time, I am sure that if you have two small infants, especially twins time is of the essence, this can cause even a trip to your local grocers to become quite lengthy.

Double Jogging Strollers

It is understandable that as a mom, leaving your babies home for a jog is not an idea you always cherish. or perhaps you do not have anyone available to take care of your babies as you get your much needed exercise. That is why, if you do enjoy a good run, a double jogging stroller is very important.

It is important to remember that a stroller you will use while jogging has to have a fixed front wheel, if it does not, not only will it consistently veer off course but, worse yet, the stroller could flip which can be very dangerous for your babies. although there are strollers for jogging with a front wheel that swivels, it is safer and more convenient to purchase one with a fixed wheel.

How To Choose the Best Double Stroller

Personal preference does come into play when choosing a double stroller, however there are a few things to keep in mind while doing so. Here are a few tips and pointers on how to choose the best double stroller for you:

Choose Between Tandem or Side-by-Side

This will largely depend on the ages of your infants as well as measurements. Measure the doors in your home or building, if applicable the elevator and see what the best choice in size would be.


The quality of the wheels is very important, air or foam wheel last longer than plastic wheels. You also want to make sure that your wheel will not be falling off as you maneuver down busy sidewalks.


Especially if you live in an apartment, storage may be an issue. You will like want the most compact double stroller that still meets your needs in these situations. One that easily folds up to fit in the car is another plus.

Test It Out

Never purchase a double stroller without first having taken it for a test drive. You want to make sure it is comfortable for your babies, easy to maneuver and works exactly as you need prior to actually purchasing it.

Function Trumps Style

As much as we want a stroller to look good, it is more important that it works well. This does not mean that there are not good looking strollers that function perfectly, however your final decision should be based on function, not style.


When purchasing a stroller make sure that it comes with the necessary accessories or at least a way they can be added on. You may need a rain cover, cup holder, bug net, snack tray etc.

These are just a few simple pointers on how to purchase a double stroller. Most importantly, think about your babies. What stroller will be the most comfortable them now and as they grow up.

Also think about yourself, what stroller will make it easier for you to move around and properly transport your babies. Keeping these tips in mind, finding the best double stroller will not be difficult.

Things that you should consider when buying a double stroller are as follows:


The first and most important thing you should think about is the safety of your little child. You need to ensure that the Double Strollers you buy should have a five point harness to hold your child in a secure manner and it should have a breaking system that makes the stroller halt easily without any jerk.

You should also check and see if there are no sharp edges and pinch corners in the stroller and another thing you should look for is that it has proper weight balance to offer stability even on a slightly rough terrain.


It is essential that you look for quality when looking for a double stroller. A sturdy stroller is what you need. It is important that your stroller is light weight so that you can push it around with no difficulty, but it should also have a strong build quality and should not be flimsy.

If it is too light it could get blown over with wind and not provide balance and stability. While marketers will try and sell you lightweight designs, you should read in between the lines and look for a lightweight stroller that can give you durability and good balance support.


Often you may not stroll your baby to the park, you will drive to the park and then roll the stroller out. To ensure that you do not spend too much energy dismantling and putting the stroller back together, you should look for one that can be folded and opened up with ease. Also look for one that is compact and can easily fit in the trunk of your car.

Follow these three simple tips and you should be on your way to purchasing a Double Stroller that will not only protect your first child but will also offer the same comfort when the second child comes along.


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