BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review

Although having a baby brings a lot of changes into parents’ lifestyles, there is no reason to give up training and jogging just because you have recently become a mom or a dad.

BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller Review

Furthermore, you should not have the impression that you have to choose between working out and taking care of your baby, because you can do them both.

At least, smart parents manage to do them both. How? With the help of the BOB stroller.

The BOB Rambler Jogging Single Stroller has been designed to accommodate the needs of fresh and fit parents.

Its three-wheel design is meant to make running, jogging or training smooth and fun.

If you want to maintain your jogging routine even after your baby has been born, you can take your little one with you while you train.

With the help of the BOB Rambler Jogging, your baby will enjoy fun rides in the park and experience the pleasure of running from a young age.

Furthermore, you can enjoy precious time with the most important little person in your life without giving up your active lifestyle.

There is no doubt: with this baby stroller, moms and dads have no reason not to stay fit, young and good looking, and their baby has no reason to become a non-active person when he or she grows up.

The BOB Rambler Jogging Single Stroller has been designed to accommodate the needs of fresh and fit parents. If you want to maintain your jogging routine even after your baby has been born, you can take your little one with you while you train with this Bob Rambler Jogging Stroller. Hope this Review article is useful in finding the best jogging stroller.

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review:- Features

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller, Black

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  • Locking swivel-front wheel for stability when jogging and easy mobility while on the go in the city
  • 12" air-filled tires and mountain bike-style suspension system offers an ultra-smooth ride, while the one-step foot-activated parking brake secures the back wheels at a stop
  • No rethreading, ever: No-rethread harness and one-hand near-flat recline allows for easy adjustments
  • Travel system ready: Compatible with BOB infant car seats or Britax when using the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately)
  • Fit: Birth to 75 pounds; 0 - 8 weeks with the use of an Infant Car Seat Adapter & compatible Infant Car Seat, maximum child height 44 inches. Maximum stroller dimensions 24.5 W x 39.5 H x 45 D inches

BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller ReviewThe Bob baby stroller has been specifically created for jogging at training pace, so its design is characterized by sturdiness, stability and safety.

This running stroller has three wheels, the one in front being fixed in order to increase stability while jogging.

The suspension system is fully adjustable, facilitating a smooth, easy and fun ride for the running parent and the carried baby.

And when things get too fast, the jogging parent can use the brake on the handlebar.

Although the designers had parents’ needs in mind when creating the BOB Stroller, the needs of the baby have certainly not been ignored.

The little one has all the comfort he or she needs while being carried around: the jogger stroller is padded for a soft and pleasant ride, and the safety system keeps the baby secure during fast rides or sudden turns.

The  BOB Rambler Jogging Single Stroller comes with a five point harness which increases child safety.

And if the baby becomes sleepy during the ride, the reclining feature of the seat allows him or her to enjoy a relaxing nap.

The BOB Rambler Jogging comes with a free car seat adapter and a generous sun canopy that covers the baby on very sunny days or shiny evenings.

When you are not using the stroller to enjoy running with your baby, you can easily fold it and store it in a tight place.

The BOB stroller is very compact and its frame, very light, making it highly portable and perfectly storable.

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review: Pros

  • This jogger stroller is very stable, thanks to the fixed front wheel. No matter how fast you run or how bumpy the road is, the jogging stroller will maintain its stability.
Great maneuverability, smooth ride
  • The big wheels, quality suspension system and its great balance make it very easy to steer and redirect.
  • Running and pushing the baby stroller is a piece of cake, so overall, this stroller offers smooth rides for the baby and its parents.
Easy to assemble
  • assembly implies only the attachment of the wheels, which can be done in a few minutes.
Lightweight but sturdy
  • although the stroller is very light, weighing only 23.4 pounds, it is sturdy and stable enough to handle fast rides.
  • the stroller has a two-step folding system. It folds easily and small, so it does not occupy too much space when it is not used for jogging or when transported by car, bus, etc.


BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review:- Cons

  • Not very appropriate for slow walks in the park – being a running stroller, it is not very smooth when it comes to walking on a low pace after a hard day at work.
  • Turning and steering the stroller becomes extremely easy when running fast, though.
  • However, walking around in a place where there are many curves might be a little difficult with this stroller.
  • The seat does not recline completely flat
  • Handlebar height cannot be adjusted

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Customers’ Feedback

All customers who have bought this BOB Rambler Jogging agree to one thing – it is the perfect stroller for running and jogging, but not very appropriate for general use.

BOB Sport Utility Jogging Stroller ReviewWhat makes this stroller such a great jogging stroller is the high quality suspension system, which makes every ride smooth and lean, its impressive maneuverability when running at training space.

The stability offered by its three, large wheels and its flawless safety system, which secures the baby while mom or dad puts their limits to the test.

Many customers have also mentioned the fact that the Bob baby stroller can be easily folded and stored, therefore being a great accessory when traveling.

They have also noticed the great quality of this stroller: its parts are durable and reliable.

When it comes to the comfort of the baby, most parents say they are very happy with their purchase, because their baby is also happy riding in the stroller.

The seat is comfortable and spacious, and it can accommodate children that weight up to 70 pounds.

And this means their parents are going to use this stroller for a long time.

BOB Rambler Jogging Stroller Review:- Conclusion

Joggers and parents with an active lifestyle will find this jogging stroller to be an incredible addition to their training sessions, allowing them to stay fit while spending quality time with their future professional jogger.

If you are one of these fit parents, buying the  BOB Rambler Jogging Single Stroller will certainly turn out to be a great improvement to your workouts.

This infant stroller is powerful and light and it will offer you the chance to never lose your little baby from sight while also keeping your body in a great shape. Use this running stroller, and you can be sure that other fresh parents will envy you.


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