Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review

Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review

The Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller is a reversible seat stroller that gives your child the option to face you or to look out into the world.

The Elite will also accept any Mia Mode infant car seat to create the perfect travel system stroller for your baby.

Security, comfort and style for both the parent and the baby – these are the features that best describe the Mia Moda Elite Stroller.

This full-sized stroller has been developed to run smoothly on any terrain, to provide protection and comfort for the baby and to save a lot of energy for the parent pushing the vehicle.

The Mia Moda Elite Stroller is not only very practical and versatile, but also very sleek and fashionable: available in brown, gray, navy blue, black and red, this baby vehicle is an excellent choice for those who care about looks as well.

The Mia Moda Elite Stroller is recommended for babies weighing up to 40 pounds. The product itself measures 41.5 x 23.8 x 44 inches and weighs 23.8 pounds, being comfortable to move around and to sit in.

The light-weight aluminum frame is foldable, so the stroller can be quickly transformed into a free-standing package, all these features adding mobility and even more comfort to the exciting journeys with your baby.

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Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review:- Features

Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller, Green

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  • Ultra-light Stroller Weights-14.5
  • One-second, one -hand fold makes carrying and storage easier than ever
  • A extendable canopy, multi-position reclining seat, wide padded seat and adjustable 5-point harness offer a comfortable and secure environment for child earliest adventures
  • Padded handle Grips
  • The Elite is tested to the updated standard under the CPSC, ASTM and CPSIA
  • Suitable from  birth to 40 lbs
  • Height adjustable, patented aluminum frame with anodized treatment
  • Deluxe compact fold with stroller seat attached & free stands when folded
  • Stroller seat reverses to face forward or face parent, and has multiple recline positions & adjustable footrest
  • 5-point harness
  • 8″ Swivel & Lockable front wheels
  • All Wheel suspension
  • Large Storage Basket Accessible From Front And Rear Of Stroller
  • Parent Cup Holder
  • Front Child Snack Tray with Cup Holder (removable)
  • Large Sun Canopy with Peek-A-Boo Window
  • 2nd Mesh Peek-A-Boo in Rear Of Stroller To Allow Extra Air In On Warm Days
  • Adjustable, Telescopic Push Handle
  • One-handed, 3-Position Seat Recline including a Flat Position
  • Accepts Mia Moda Infant Car Seats Only to create travel system
  • Adjustable Foot Rest
  • Open Dimensions: 41.5″L x 23.75″W x 44″H
  • Closed Dimensions: 22.5″L x 23.75″W x 46″H
  • Weight: 31 lbs


Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review:- Pros

Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller ReviewThe list of the features that account for the popularity of this model can go on and on:

  • Almost every major part on this stroller is adjustable.
  • The handlebar is telescopic, so its height can be modified so as to suit the height of the person pushing the stroller.
  • The leg rests and the calf support of the stroller are also adjustable, so you don’t need to get a new stroller if your baby grows fast.
  • The recline of the seat has three different positions for making your baby more comfortable during the ride.
  • The seating solutions offered by the Mia Moda Elite Stroller are also very creative: the seat is reversible, so you can position it facing the front if you want your baby to explore every detail of the road ahead, or you can position it facing the rear to maintain eye contact with your child or to be able to talk to him or her while walking around.
  • Enhanced stability – the special suspension system of the stroller includes all the three wheels and will reduce the shocks caused by running on uneven surface to the minimum, making the stroller very suitable for exploring nature as well.
  • The stroller runs on four relatively large wheels, out of which the two front wheels are lockable swivel wheels – for easy navigation.
  • Extra storage features – if you decide to go on a longer journey, you will need to take food, drinks and many other things with you, so you will need to have enough storage place on your stroller.
  • The Mia Moda Elite Stroller caters for all storage needs of this type.
  • The stroller comes with a very large storage basket, separate cup holders for the baby and the parent and a removable baby tray that you can install easily when you want to feed your baby.
  • Protection from the elements – when you take a walk with the Mia Moda Elite Stroller, you no longer have to worry about the changing weather:
  • The canopy of the stroller provides full coverage for the baby, with excellent sun blocking features.
  • Reasonable price tag – having an excellent price-value ratio, this versatile stroller takes care of the comfort of your purse as well.



Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review:- Cons

Though the positive aspects of this stroller outweigh any possible downside by far, there is something you should know about: when folded, the stroller becomes quite bulky and is not very easy to handle.

Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Stroller User Reviews

The Mia Moda Elite stroller has received a excellent ratings from users at amazon.com and toysrus.com.Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller Review

Users say the Mia Moda Elite is a great stroller that provides you with all of the features found on a luxury stroller, but for a fraction of the price!

Users love the stroller’s reversible seat that allows their child to face them or face the world and are very impressed by the one-hand seat recline system.

The stroller seat can recline completely flat, so it is suitable for new babies, and you can even move the adjustable footrest in such a way that you can create a sort of bassinet for your baby in the stroller seat.

No need to purchase an additional or costly baby bassinet.Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review 1

The Mia Moda Elite can be converted to a travel system and is compatible with Mia Mode infant car seats only.

A great feature of the  Elite is that you can remove the toddler seat and attach the infant car seat directly to the stroller frame.  This creates a nice, lightweight travel system.

The stroller has a very large storage basket that can be accessed from the rear or front of the stroller and there are also two toddler storage pockets built into the stroller seat.

The stroller has a huge sun canopy that will completely shade your child and the canopy has a peek-a-boo window.

When the stroller seat is reclined you can fold down the material to reveal a second large mesh peek-a-boo window that will allow great air flow into the stroller on hot, summer days.

The stroller also has a removable child snack tray and cup holder and comes with a parent cup holder.

Another great feature of the Mia Moda Elite stroller is its telescopic handle which makes this stroller a great option for both really tall or really short parents.

Users say the stroller is super easy to maneuver, and they can do so one handed and, thanks to the front swivel wheels, the stroller turns effortlessly.

The Elite is not an all terrain stroller but you can lock the front swivel wheels for extra stability when pushing over grass and dirt, so this is a stroller that can handle outings in the park.


Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review :- Pros & Cons

Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review 2


  • Telescopic push handle
  • Reversible stroller seat
  • Inexpensive
  • Handles well over grass, dirt, gravel
  • Seat converts to a sort of bassinet for new babies without the need to purchase a separate bassinet
  • Becomes lightweight travel system with infant car seat that can attach directly to frame of stroller after removing the stroller seat.
  • Stands on own when folded
  • Create travel system
Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller Review 3


  • Seat back of stroller not very high and canopy height too low so older or taller kids will outgrow this stroller to quickly
  • Takes two hands to fold the stroller and does not have a compact fold
  • Heavy—31 lbs


Mia Moda Elite Stroller Minor Annoyances

Users seem to mostly love this stroller especially since it comes with a reversible seat and costs so much less than other reversible seat strollers.  However, there are a few issues with this stroller that users feel future buyers should be aware of.

First, users hate the two-handed folding system for this stroller.

They also feel the folding mechanism for this stroller is too hard and many users had to practice quite a bit before they could comfortably fold the stroller.

Second, the stroller does not fold very compact—it is extremely long and bulky when folded and will take up most of the space in your trunk.  However, the stroller does stand up on its own when folded.

However, neither of these issues are deal breakers for any of the reviewers.

They say that despite these issues they still love this stroller but these are two really annoying features that they have to put up with.

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My Opinion of the Mia Moda Elite

Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller ReviewThe Mia Moda Elite Stroller is one of the most popular models currently on the market.

I have to agree to the fact that the stroller has many useful qualities, and also looks great, so I understand why it is such a popular choice among many parents.

I’ve been using the Mia Moda Elite for a few months now and I can say that it is doing an excellent job.

The stroller is very easy to maneuver, so I can really take the baby with me wherever I want.

I enjoy outdoor activities, so I appreciate a stroller that can run smoothly both in a shopping center and in the park.

I often go shopping for me or my clients and take the baby with me, and this means that I need a sturdy stroller, one that provides a lot of storage place for groceries and baby stuff

. This Mia Moda stroller offers exactly what I want: I can carry all the groceries I buy, with enough space left for the baby bag.

My favorite feature of the Mia Moda Elite is that I can position the seat whichever way I want – this option really adds more fun to our trips.

I have tried many strollers before, but few offer varied seating positions, so the Mia Moda certainly wins in this regard.

I love the fact that I can position the seat facing the front and facing the rear as well – the 2-year old baby girl I am taking care of on Mondays is talking a lot nowadays, so I enjoy being able to communicate with her during our journeys.

The adjustable reclining angle is also great – I can modify the angle quickly and easily, so the baby can sleep comfortably if she gets tired or she can see everything going on around her when she is awake.

I can also adjust the telescopic handles to a position that is comfortable for me – this stroller provides comfort for both the baby and the caregiver, and this is a great plus for me.

I like the design as well – I have a red Mia Moda that really turns heads. An excellent stroller, I can only recommend it!


You May Outgrow This Stroller

Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller ReviewOne negative for the stroller, though, that users should take into consideration before purchasing the Mia Moda Elite is the low height of the toddler seat back and the low position of the sun canopy.

Tall toddlers may out grow this stroller too soon.  Some reviewers say the heads of their tall toddlers scrap against the sun canopy.

If you have an older child or an especially tall child, this may not be the stroller for you.

But for everyone else, the Mia Moda Elite sounds like a great stroller option at a reasonable price.  Worth a buy!


Mia Moda Elite Stroller Review:- Bottom Line

Elegant and stylish, functional and comfortable, reasonably priced and stable – is there anything more to demand?

The Mia Moda Elite Stroller really lives up to all expectations! Check it out and you will love how convenient it is for you and how happy and comfortable your baby feels while strolling in it!

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