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Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller-Onyx

Carrying your infant around can be quite a hassle. But when you have two or even three small babies, a trip to town together might turn into the greatest adventure. Baby Jogger had exactly your problem in mind when designing the Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller. This stroller has been created to offer increased comfort to your baby and enough versatility in case the family becomes larger: this baby stroller can easily transform into a double stroller, the must have of any family who has two babies and wants to take both of them shopping.

Whether you already have more than one baby who cannot stand or walk or you are planning to offer your child a little brother or sister, the Baby Jogger stroller is the thing you need. With this baby stroller, you can say you are well prepared to welcome a new member of the family, no matter when she or he chooses to appear.

The Baby Jogger City Select offers parents the unique opportunity to customize their stroller into 16 different combinations to suit their family needs and comes with Baby Joggers’ Patented Quick-Fold Technology. Everything you need for an expanding family in one convenient stroller!

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Baby Jogger City Select is indeed one of the most luxurious means of transporting babies, because it offers as much as 16 seating arrangements so that your precious baby/babies can enjoy all the comfort in the world… or in a stroller. The seat can be adjusted depending on your baby’s mood, and can also recline flat in case someone becomes very sleepy. Your baby will feel like a celebrity in this multi-adjustable stroller.

The City Select stroller offers smooth rides, thanks to its wide wheels of different dimensions (12” in the back and 8” in the front), and the high class suspension system. To make things even easier, the stroller includes a hand operated brake for parking. Pushing, stopping and redirecting this baby stroller are a piece of cake.

Furthermore, the Jogger stroller can be folded quickly and easily, so you can store it in your trunk (or wherever), whenever you are not using it. The City stroller includes a sun canopy with a window you can use to monitor sleeping babies, a big basket and a 5 point harness for extra safety. The harness has a buckle cover and comfortable shoulder pads.

This City stroller is certainly one that offers an incredibly wide array of choices: besides choosing the seating positions and reclining angle, you can also choose the height of the handle and, the best of them all; this baby stroller can be transformed from single to double by simply attaching another seat. Just like that, you can have a double stroller to carry your babies around town in a convenient and stylish – not to mention affordable – way.

Pros Summary:  

  • 16 different stroller seating combinations to meet your family’s needs
  • Can be used as a single stroller or a double stroller—is good for twins the same age or two child of different ages and needs—and a third child with hitch hiker board—use stroller with toddler seats, bassinets, or infant car seats.
  • One hand easy fold and compact fold
  • “Forever” air, no flat tires that handle most terrains (sand, snow, dirt, grass) smoothly
  • Telescopic push handle, large storage basket and large sun canopy
  • Can push and maneuver stroller with just one hand when used as single stroller and often when used as a double stroller as well

Cons Summary:

  • Double conversion kit only comes with purchase of second seat—so even if you want one seat and bassinet or one seat and infant car seat you must buy a second toddler seat
  • Hard to push the stroller with two kids when the older child is in front and the lighter, younger child is closer to you
  • Child footrest too high

Baby Jogger City Select Features And Accessories

  •  Patented Quick-Fold Technology – allows you to fold your stroller in one simple step
  • Innovative multi-functional design allows you to select your seating arrangement up to 16 unique combinations with double seat, bassinet and car seat (double conversion kits – sold separately)
  • Easy to switch reversible seat
  • Hand operated parking brake
  • 12″ forever-air rear and 8″ lightweight front wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings
  • Swivel front wheels lock into place for long distance strolling
  • Multi-position seat recline for passenger comfort
  • Multi-position sun canopy with peek-a-boo window and adjustable head height
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover
  • Multi-position foot well tilt adds leg support for smaller children
  • Telescoping handlebar with wipe clean grip
  • Seat back storage compartment and large under seat basket
  • Secure fold latch to keep stroller folded for transportation or storage
  • 45 lb. per seat weight capacity
  • Width: 25.75 inches
  • Length: 43.5 inches with one seat and 53 inches with two seats
  • Weight: 28 lbs

Patented Quick-Fold: Baby Jogger’s patented Quick-Fold technology is the easiest one-step folding process in the world. No other stroller folds as quickly or easily. Others may fold in a few simple steps – but only Baby Jogger’s Quick-Fold technology allows our strollers to fold with the simple lift of a strap. A one-hand fold that takes only a second to do!

Forever Air Tires: Want the smooth ride of air filled tires that can glide over any terrain but without the worry of getting a flat tire while out on a stroll?  Then you will love Baby Jogger’s “forever air tires” which provide the same smooth ride as air filled tires but without ever going flat!

Cost: The Baby Jogger City Select Stroller retails for $499.99.  However, it is worth shopping around to see if you can find a better deal or even a great sale.

Accessories Not Included:

  • Bassinet: $99.95
  • Second Seat: $179.95
  • Car Seat Adaptor Multi-Mode (works with Maxi Cosi, Graco, Peg Perego, Britax, Evenflo): $69.95
  • Car Seat Adaptor For Chicco (works with Chicco Keyfit): $69.95
  • Belly Bar: $29.95
  • Snack Tray: $24.99
  • Hychair (so you can use your seat as a highchair): $69.95
  • Glider Board (for older child to stand and ride along): $79.99

**The Double Conversion Kit only comes with the purchase of the Second Seat.  Whether you plan on using two stroller seats, a bassinet and a seat, two bassinets, a car seat and a stroller seat, or two infant car seats, you must purchase the Second Seat Kit to get the adaptors needed to create a double stroller configuration.  Adaptors are not sold separately.  This is an added expense that should be considered prior to purchasing the Baby Jogger City Select.

Baby Jogger City Select Review

The Baby Jogger City Select stroller has received a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from users at,,, and

Many users have declared the Baby Jogger City Select stroller the “best stroller out there” and say they are “very impressed” with the quality and versatility of this single to double stroller.  Reviewers love the flexibility of the stroller design with its ability to be used as either a single or a double stroller and with the 16 different seat options every parent can find the right seat configuration for their family’s needs.Baby-Jogger-City-Select-Single-Stroller-Onyx-2

This is one of the few double strollers on the market that can also be used as a single stroller and users are thrilled that they are not forced to use a double stroller when they want to just take one child for a stroll.  Users also appreciate not needing to purchase a separate single stroller in addition to the double stroller for this reason, as this can become quite expensive and will take up lots of storage space.

The Baby Jogger City Select is very easy to travel with (and many users report they have no trouble traveling by plane with this stroller), since the stroller folds up really easily with the fantastic one hand folding system, the stroller folds very compact-especially if you remove the wheels, and the stroller even fits in the trunks of compact cars while still leaving room for shopping bags or other gear (however, this stroller does not stand up on its own when folded).

My Personal Opinion of the Baby Jogger City Select

The thing I like most about the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller is the fact that you can use it as a single or double stroller. I think this features makes the City stroller a great deal, because it can save a parent a lot of money when baby number two comes along. Attaching a second seat to the Baby Jogger stroller is certainly more affordable than buying a new double stroller or another single stroller; not to mention the convenience this transformation brings.

I also appreciate the compact fold, easy to use hand break, wide basket and smart canopy with its peek-a-boo window. Although the Jogger stroller is a little heavy and difficult to push when carrying two babies, (I don’t have that much physical strength anymore), I honestly think that the Baby Jogger stroller is a very smart and affordable purchase for families who already have two babies or are planning to have another one soon.

Great Stroller Wheels

The front wheels of the Baby Jogger City Select stroller can be locked in a fixed position and the stroller, although it is not a jogging stroller or an all-terrain stroller, handles rough surfaces really well including uneven pavement, gravel, grass, sand and snow.  Reviewers love that the wheels on the rear of the stroller function like air filled tires except they will never go flat and you don’t need to carry around an air pump.  Hurray for Forever Air Tires!

Most users say the City Select stroller maneuvers and steers well and can even be steered one handed when loaded with two children.  But, users do admit that their wrist does become tired steering like this due to the weight of the stroller combined with the weight of two children (especially if one or both children are toddlers).  However, the option for one handed steering is there. Other users say the stroller handles great with both a car seat and a toddler seat and they have no problem pushing the stroller up over curbs, although pushing uphill with two children does take some “oomph.”  There are certain seat configurations that make pushing children of different ages and sizes easier, or harder, so read on to the stroller negatives to find out which seat placements are best.

Baby Jogger City Select Review:- Pros

Other pluses for the Baby Jogger City Select stroller include its huge sunshade, its sturdy design, the convenient hand brake that allows you to stop the stroller without scuffing up your shoes, the reclining seats, the adjustable push handle, and the strollers slim design that makes it easy to maneuver down narrow store aisles; yet it doesn’t sacrifice comfort or space for older children.

A five year old child can sit comfortably in this stroller with room to spare.  Reviewers also love the extremely large storage basket and say it is one of the largest and most flexible storage baskets they have ever seen on a stroller.  Another great feature of the City Select stroller is its option to add a glider/stand on board for older children.

  • Versatility – no doubt, this is the word that perfectly characterizes this stroller. You can transform the City Select Stroller whatever way you want, depending on your and your babies’ needs and wishes.
  • Convenience – one or two babies will fit perfectly in this stroller and enjoy the ride. Forget about having two strollers or a big, bulky double stroller that does not fit tight store aisles. With the Baby Jogger stroller, you can carry both of your babies smoothly and easily, because the City stroller fits tight places without affecting the comfort of your babies.
  • Smooth ride – the wide wheels and the suspension system offer a great ride on any kind of surface.
  • Hand brake – this feature is of great help, because it allows parents to stop the City Select stroller easily and park it. This type of brake is far more convenient than the standard foot brake most strollers include.
  • Compact fold – the stroller can be easily folded and stored. It does not take much space when folded.
  • Extensible handle – with this stroller, it doesn’t matter how tall daddy is or how short mom is, because the height of the handles can be adjusted.
  • Huge basket – you will have no problems going to the grocery store with this stroller, because you will be able to place everything you buy in the stroller’s basket.
  • Great canopy with silent magnetic close window – the canopy provides a lot of shade, and you can always have a peek at your baby without waking him or her up thanks to the silent open and close system of the canopy window.

Baby Jogger City Select Review:- Cons

One of the most frequent complaints from users for the Baby Jogger City Select stroller is that the stroller is too heavy when two kids are riding in it.  With this extra weight many users find the stroller too difficult to maneuver.  Most of these users do say the stroller handles fine when the lighter child is in front and the heavier child is positioned close to the handlebars.

However, this means placing your baby in front rather than close to you, which most users don’t want to do.  Normally you would prefer to have your toddler in the front of the stroller and your baby up high in the back of the stroller near you.  But, this configuration makes steering much more difficult due to the way the children’s weight is distributed across the stroller.

Many users say Baby Jogger needs to work on this issue so that the stroller is just as easy to steer when the heavy child is in front and the lightweight child is in back.  However, everyone agrees that the stroller pushes like a dream when used as a single stroller.

Users are also very  upset that almost no accessories come with this stroller—almost everything costs extra, and considering the expensive base price for this stroller the final cost can be considerable.

A few other minor complaints refer to the diamond color stroller which some users say can be hard to clean (but others say is easy to clean and looks great) and the high position of the adjustable footrest which raises a toddlers knees up too far.  A couple of users also say when the stroller seat is placed in front it is too low for a toddler and if the toddler does not use the footrest his feet can drag along the ground.

  • The double conversion kit is sold separately.
  • When transformed into a double, the baby stroller becomes a bit more difficult to maneuver. Considering you have to carry two babies in the same stroller, you can understand why.

Baby Jogger City Select Review:- Conclusion

The Baby Jogger City Select stroller has a lot of fantastic qualities that make this stroller a must have for parents with twins or parents with two young children.  This is one of the few strollers on the market today that provides parents with the option to use the stroller as a single stroller and then later convert the stroller to a double stroller if and when their family grows.

The stroller also provides 16 different seating options to give every parent the seat configuration they desire for their children.  The stroller also comes with many additional perks like the large storage basket, all-terrain ability while maintaining a compact design, an easy to use one-hand, compact fold, and reclining stroller seats.

However, it seems that Baby Jogger still has some design flaws to correct on any future City Select models like the difficulty in steering when pushing two children with the heavier child up front.  Most parents will want such a seat configuration (baby close to them and older child in front).  Baby Jogger should work on fixing this issue and also see if they can shave a few pounds off the weight of the stroller frame.

Lastly, this stroller can become expensive when you add on extra accessories like the second seat (which includes the double conversion kit—Baby Jogger should sell this kit separately), car seat adaptor, snack tray, etc…  However, compared to purchasing both a single stroller and a double stroller this is still an economical option.

Overall this stroller offers lots of benefits over conventional double strollers.  Despite some of the double stroller steering problems, the Baby Jogger City Select stroller still sounds like a fantastic option for users looking to purchase one stroller for a single child or an expanding family.

You get all terrain maneuverability without air filled tires in a compact and slender design.  Despite this strollers heavy weight it is still an option worth looking into for your future family.

Also check out other strollers by Baby Jogger like the Baby Jogger City Mini Single and the Baby Jogger City Mini Double.

The great comfort, multi-adjustable features and useful accessories make the Baby Jogger City Select a fantastic single stroller for babies who love a relaxing ride. However, the thing that makes the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller a smart investment is its capacity to transform from single to double, just by attaching another seat. As simple as that, your two non-walkers will have the opportunity to explore the world together, while you will enjoy all the convenience of a double stroller.

Therefore, whether you already have two babies who need to see the world, you have another one on the way, or you are just planning to increase the number of family members soon, I recommend you to purchase the Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller, because it will certainly help you be in control of the situation!

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