Quinny Buzz 4 Stroller Review


For parents looking for a reversible seat, standard size stroller/travel system with a memory foam seat so comfortable you’ll even want one for yourself, then the Quinny Buzz 4 Wheel Stroller is for you.

The new Buzz 4 is an improvement over the Buzz 3 which only had one front wheel. The new four wheel design provides greater stability and maneuverability and now even comes with an extra canvas seat for larger toddlers.

Using the seat frame that comes with the stroller you just remove the memory foam cushioned seat and replace that seat cover with the dirt resistant canvas seat cover providing a roomier seat for your growing toddler.

Pros Summary:

  • Super comfortable reversible memory foam padded seat that reclines completely flat
  • Telescopic push handle
  • Handles all terrain
  • Automatic unfolding system
  • Maneuver with one hand and turns on a dime
  • Create travel system or pram

Cons Summary:

  • Heavy
  • Sun canopy too small
  • Storage basket too small

The Quinny Buzz Is The Perfect Stroller For Your Baby

The Buzz 4 stroller seat can be reversed so that your baby can either face you or the world and can be used with infants six months and older.

For younger infants you can either purchase the Quinny Dreami Bassinet (made with the softest material I have ever felt) to use with the stroller (good for infants up to 15lbs) or create a travel system with a Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat.

One of the benefits of this particular travel system is that you attach the car seat on the stroller frame independently from the stroller seat, meaning you remove the stroller seat when you attach the car seat.

This makes the travel system lighter than many other systems where the car seat is attached on top of the stroller seat. This versatility makes the Quinny Buzz 4 a great option for parents looking for an infant stroller that also can work with a toddler.

The Quinny Buzz 4 is a great stroller for use on uneven terrain thanks to its rear inflated tires and 26 inch wide base. The front wheels swivel allowing the stroller to be maneuvered with only one hand.

Features of the Quinny Buzz 4 Wheel Stroller

  • Reversible Seat (child can face you or the world)
  • Height Adjustable Telescope Push Handle
  • 5 Point Harness
  • Peek-A-Boo Viewing Window
  • 2 Side Windows In Sun Canopy (for baby to look out)
  • Easy To Use Color Coded Breaks (Red pedal for braking, Gray pedal to release brakes)
  • 360 Degree Front Lockable Swivel Wheel
  • Air inflated Rear All Terrain Tires
  • Adjustable Foot Rest
  • 3 Position Recline Seat In Forward Position
  • 2 Position Recline Seat In Rear Facing Position
  • Flat Recline Position
  • Automatic Unfolding System (a hydraulic system that unfolds the stroller alone—unique to Quinny Strollers)
  • Travel System-Car Seat Adaptable (for use with Maxi Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat)
  • Safety First onBoard 35 Air Car Seat Adaptor
  • Extra XL Seat Included (for use with larger toddlers up to 50 lbs)
  • Memory Foam Seat
  • Height Adjustable Sun Canopy
  • Removable Safety Bar
  • Rain Cover
  • Bug Net
  • Cup Holder
  • Dreami Bassinet (for use with Newborns until 15lbs)
  • Foot Muff
  • Weight 27lbs
  • Dimensions:  34.6 x 13 x 24.4 inches

Quinny Buzz 4 Stroller User Reviews

Users love how the stroller turns on dime, despite its large size, and that even though it is a heavy stroller it is still possible to easily maneuver the stroller with one hand.

One user even tested this out with a heavy toddler riding inside and said that although it took a little extra wrist power it is still possible to steer one handed.

Reviewers are also very impressed with the automatic unfolding system that does not require the use of your hands and say the stroller is just as easy to fold up. Reviewers also are in love with how comfortable the stroller seat is.

Quinny Buzz Stroller Cons

Negative comments about the Quinny Buzz 4 mention the weight of the stroller and criticize the small size of the sun canopy.

It is recommended that you purchase a sun parasol to attach to the stroller for additional sun protection.

Everyone also agrees that the storage basket is way too small, although you can get the Buzz Box which is a bag that attaches to the base of the stroller for added storage.

One reviewer also thought the 15 lb bassinet weight limit was too low. Also, you can only fold up the stroller with the seat attached if the seat is in the forward facing upright position.

Otherwise, you must take off the seat (or bassinet or car seat) before folding up the stroller base (although this is rather standard for this type of stroller and is not a unique problem with the Buzz 4 stroller).

However, on the plus side, for such a large stroller the base does fold rather compact.

My Two Cents

I was fortunate enough to test drive this stroller when my daughter was 4-months old. Usually she fussed and cried and hated to be in her stroller (which then sent me on the search for a new stroller for her).

She loved the Quinny Buzz 4 and relaxed calmly while I wheeled her around. She loved being able to face me and the memory foam seat is super comfortable.

For me the stroller was a joy to push and was easy to maneuver. And the fold doesn’t get any cooler than the Buzz 4.

However, for my particular lifestyle the stroller is a bit too big and heavy (I have a lot of steps to climb every day and constantly have to navigate very small city spaces) but for those without such constraints the Quinny Buzz 4 just might be the stroller you are looking for.

Overall I was very impressed with the Quinny Buzz 4 and was extremely tempted to purchase it.

If stroller size is not an issue for you and if you are looking for a stroller you can use on any terrain, then this is a stroller you may want to look into purchasing.

Update : Every time I pass the Quinny Buzz 4 stroller in the store I find myself automatically pulled to it.

I have to admit I am absolutely in love with the Buzz 4’s stroller seat—I love both the softness and the height of the seat and I remember my test drive with this stroller and how comfortable my daughter was riding in it.

My issues with the stroller size have not changed though…boo, hoo, hoo L

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