Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Maintaining proper nutrition during pregnancy is extremely important. The myth that you are eating for two is incorrect. Your baby will feed off of the food you consume; it will eat what you eat.

Small meals several times a day are often a better choice. You may find that you only eat a few bites of something and are either full or don’t want it anymore.

Proper pregnancy nutrition do’s and don’ts will be discussed by your doctor with you, and information booklets will be provided with foods to avoid and such.

Prenatal vitamins provide essential vitamins and nutrients to help you get the right amount of each necessary element to help you and your baby both to stay healthy.

Pregnancy nutrition is one of the key steps in having a safe pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide 1

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

Your nutrition during pregnancy helps your baby develop and helps you stay healthy. There are many foods to avoid and others that you should eat more during pregnancy.

Soft cheeses should often be avoided as they often contain unpasteurized milk and dairy cultures.

The pasteurizing process helps keep unnecessary bacteria from growing in the cheese. Avoid blue cheese, feta, goat cheese, brie, queso fresco, queso Blanco, and Camembert.

Check your dairy packaging to make sure it specifically says pasteurized milk products on the label, if it does not, avoid it completely. If you choose to have a sandwich with deli meats in it, make sure they are heated through first.

This is very important. Deli meats can contain small amounts of E. Coli or Salmonella, which can be dangerous for your baby.

Meats do provide you with a good source of protein, but they all need to be cooked through.

Having a rare or medium-rare steak is not an option when you are pregnant.

Well done meats should still be juicy. Some fish contain a high amount of mercury in them.

It is important to your nutrition during pregnancy that you follow any guidelines that your doctor has given you regarding fish.

The list of fish to avoid during pregnancy includes grouper, canned white albacore tuna, tuna steaks, swordfish, shark, orange roughy, tilefish, saltwater bass, and king mackerel.

These fish have the highest amounts of mercury in them, which can be harmful to the development of your baby’s vision, lung development, nervous system, and hearing.

When it comes to fish as part of your diet and maintaining proper nutrition during pregnancy, pay close attention to what specific fish the dish that you are eating contains.

Do not consume sushi or sashimi at all. Raw fish can be very detrimental to your baby.

Pregnancy nutrition also includes consuming low-fat dairy products and only pasteurized dairy products.

Pregnancy nutrition guides will also suggest that you increase your water intake to a gallon per day and to avoid caffeine at all costs.

Pregnancy nutrition specialists will also suggest that you avoid drinking soda pop completely. Foods that are rich in protein are important to maintain proper nutrition during pregnancy.

Eggs are high in protein but must be cooked through completely. Undercooked, runny, or raw eggs should not be consumed.

This includes eating cookie dough, Caesar dressing, mayonnaise, and other dressings or drinks containing raw eggs.

If you need to use an artificial sweetener or eat something that contains artificial sweeteners, avoid anything that contains saccharine. Splenda, Equal, NutraTaste, and NutraSweet are all safe.

If you are an herbal tea drinker, take the packaging to your doctor for approval before consuming it. Some herbal teas can have the same effect as some medications or other drugs, which can be very harmful to your baby.

Eat foods that are high in protein, rich in vitamins, and low in fat. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be a large part of your diet and provide great nutrition during pregnancy.

Whole grains are also important, as well as fresh meats. Avoid processed foods as much as possible, most contain preservatives which do nothing to promote proper pregnancy nutrition.

Unless you are craving something spicy, avoid it. Spicy foods can bring on unwanted heartburn or indigestion.

Pregnancy nutrition guidelines may seem like they would be impossible to follow, but in actuality, it’s rather simple. Read your packaging and stick to a diet plan.

You will have many food cravings throughout your pregnancy. There are healthy options for every craving that you should have that will help promote proper nutrition during pregnancy.

For example, you’re craving potato chips. This is a simple solution. Choose a baked potato chip instead of a fried potato chip and only eat half of the suggested serving size.

If you crave dip, make your own at home so that you can be sure that the dairy products are made with pasteurized products that are also low in fat.

Nutrition during pregnancy doesn’t just include eating the right foods. It also includes avoiding eating or drinking anything that contains alcohol.

Avoid smoking or being around people that smoke. Try to avoid being around bonfires and other fires that produce smoke as smoke from burning items can contain toxins that would be dangerous to your growing baby.

Don’t take any medications without approval from your doctor.

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide – The Conclusion

Exercising while you are pregnant is also important. Walking is the best exercise that you can get while pregnant. It helps you to have an easier pregnancy and easier delivery.

Stay active and try not to do too much stretching. There are Yoga classes specifically for pregnant women.

This can help you to remain calm and learn some techniques for dealing with stress. Stress during pregnancy can be dangerous as well, try to remain as relaxed as possible.

Your body goes through a lot of hormonal changes and spikes, staying calm will keep your growing baby happy and healthy. The baby can sense tension and can react negatively, even in the womb.

Pregnancy is an amazing time in your life; proper pregnancy nutrition is the most important aspect to maintain.


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