Postpartum Workout: 5 Simple Exercises To Start

Postpartum Workout 5 Simple Exercises To Start

The post-pregnancy workout is something that most of the new moms dread a lot. Pregnancy puts your body through a lot of changes for nine months, and you may not always find these changes desirable.

Now that you have had the baby, it is time to get back in shape and rid yourself of the extra pounds and stretch marks.

Exercise can help you get that pre-pregnancy body back, and make you feel good about yourself.

Post Pregnancy Workout

There are several questions you may have in mind regarding post-pregnancy workout, for instance:

  • How soon can you start exercising after you’ve had the baby?
  • How long will it take to reach your target weight?
  • Which post-pregnancy workout routine is best for your particular body?

This article will attempt to answer all the questions you may have in your mind concerning post-pregnancy workout.

You may be shocked to know that Kate Hudson lost about 60 pounds in a very brief period after her pregnancy. Although this may be exceptional for some people, it is pretty normal as far as Hollywood standards are concerned.

Celebrities are conscious about their diets, and they work out regularly before, during and after their pregnancies to avoid putting on excessive weight as much as possible.

Nonetheless, let’s not forget that celebrities may not necessarily have the same responsibilities as the rest of us.

We need to take care of our children, go back to work and deal with our families, all of which make it difficult to take out time for the post-pregnancy workout.

You mustn’t set unrealistic goals for your post-pregnancy workout regime, otherwise, you may lose motivation if you don’t see results in the designated period.

It can take you anywhere from three to nine months to reach your desired goal, depending on how much time you allocate each day.

Keep in mind that breastfeeding can make it a tad difficult to shed pounds, as you have to consume more calories to provide healthy nutrients to your baby. Nevertheless, starting the basic post-pregnancy workout can at least keep you maintained.

Postpartum Workout 5 Simple Exercises To Start


Postpartum Workout 5 Simple Exercises To Start

Postpartum Workout 5 Simple Exercises To Start

Postpartum Workout 5 Simple Exercises To Start

Postpartum Workout 5 Simple Exercises To Start

When Should You Begin Post Pregnancy Workout?

According to healthcare professionals’ recommendations, it is best to wait at least six weeks before starting a post-pregnancy workout regime.

If you had a cesarean, it would be better if you wait at least eight weeks to give your body the required amount of rest.

Before starting a coordinated program to lose weight, discuss it over with your doctor first to make sure your body is ready.

If you have had a normal delivery, you can start simple stretching exercises the very next day after giving birth.

However, make sure these exercises are just for keeping your body active, and not for losing weight.

For those who have had cesareans, any kind of post-pregnancy workout is to be avoided until the bleeding stops.

How to Begin?

To make the most out of your post-pregnancy workout, it is best to establish a routine that is easy for you to stick to.

You can create a schedule, and incorporate little exercises in your everyday life.

Make sure you workout at least thrice a week for half an hour each time.

For maximum weight loss, you can increase the time instead of intensity. In any case, do not work out to the point of exhaustion, as your body is in a very vulnerable state.

If you experience shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpitations or increased vaginal bleeding, stop exercising and contact your doctor immediately.

Which Exercises to Include in Fitness Program?

To get a flatter stomach and tighter vaginal muscles, make sure you incorporate the following exercises in your post-pregnancy workout regime:

  • Do at least three sets of 30 sit-ups throughout the day. Sit-ups are most useful for strengthening your abdominal and getting a flatter tummy.
  • Lie on your back, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. With your hands behind your head, inhale slowly and raise your shoulders and head off the ground, all the while contracting your stomach muscles. You don’t necessarily need to get up in a sitting position, rather lift your head till you feel stress in your muscles. Gradually exhale, and bring your upper body back to the initial position.
  • Do a reverse crunch by lying on the floor with legs bent and feet close to your hips, slightly elevated from the floor. Slowly inhale, and lift your buttocks to bring toward yourself. Make sure your knees curl inward and slowly exhale.
  • Start Kegel exercises if you haven’t already been doing them during your pregnancy. Kegel exercises are best for strengthening pelvic floor muscles, which help not only in labor but also in bladder control and better orgasms. All you have to do is contract your vaginal muscles for 10 seconds, and release. Ideally, you should repeat the exercise at least 25 times a day.
  • Continue your cardiovascular post-pregnancy workout to get rid of the baby fat. For new moms, walking is the best exercise since it doesn’t cause a lot of stress to the muscles, tones the legs, improves overall health and provides fresh air. You don’t even need any special equipment; just a pair of walking shoes and your baby’s stroller is fine. It helps in staying motivated if you join a group of new moms around in the neighborhood. The entire group can go for organized walks, and make exercise enjoyable.

Post Pregnancy Workout – The Conclusion

Getting rid of excess weight is not the only benefit you can get out of the post-pregnancy workout.

Keeping yourself fit can ease a lot of physical discomforts, help you fight off postpartum depression, and help you get sufficient energy for taking care of the little one.

Besides, keeping yourself fit is the best example of healthy living that you can give to your children.

Incorporate a healthy and balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get sufficient sleep and continue your post-pregnancy workout for regaining your pre-pregnancy shape.


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