Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

Knowing what not to eat during pregnancy is vital to stay healthy in this critical time. Keep in mind that during pregnancy you are feeding not just yourself but your child too.

You should consider the child’s needs also. It is important to increase your consumption by at least 300 calories a day to ensure that the baby inside your womb is well-fed.

What Not To Eat During Pregnancy

Food craving is actually normal during pregnancy. The woman may find herself wanting to eat more pizza or fruits, for example.

These are perfectly fine options as long as you do not take too much of them. But there are some foods that are a big no-no during pregnancy.

Consuming them is definitely not allowed. Here are some tips on what not to eat during pregnancy:

Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy!

Omg! 9 Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy! 


1. Peanuts.

This product is a typical example of what not to eat during pregnancy. The latest rumors about Kate Middleton getting pregnant have also put peanuts in the limelight.

It was said that Kate turned down an offer to try a peanut paste product in one of her appearances prompting people to conclude that she is pregnant.

Peanut is actually healthy food. But for pregnant women, this should be on what not to eat during pregnancy list because ingesting peanuts when you are on the way can cause possible allergic reactions.

This is why doctors often recommend avoiding peanuts when pregnant. This is particularly true to women with a history of allergic reactions to peanuts in the family.

Babies are also prone to peanut allergy if the mother consumed peanuts in the third trimester.

So for women who have peanut allergies or a family history of allergy to peanuts, it is best to stay away from it when pregnant to prevent the child from developing allergic reactions to peanuts later.

2. Raw meat.

To avoid contracting bacteria it is best to include raw meats on what not to eat during pregnancy. Expectant mothers should order ‘well done’ fish or meat in restaurants.

Sushi is definitely included in the list of what not to eat during pregnancy.

Just like the other raw products, this can be contaminated with salmonella or other harmful bacteria that can cause premature delivery, or worse, miscarriage and stillbirths.

Pregnant women should store raw meat in the refrigerator at a temperature of below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

When eating foods at home, the minimum temperature of cooked meat that they eat should be 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you order well-done meat in a restaurant and they give you half-cooked meat, you need to return it. It is better to stay safe and avoid what not to eat during pregnancy than be sorry later.

3. Soft and blue-veined cheeses.

This is one of those what not to eat during pregnancy food. Soft and blue-veined cheeses are unpasteurized.

This means the bacteria may not be killed through the heating process. This can increase the chance of contracting listeria.

Listeria is a harmful bacterium that can affect the baby adversely. The bacteria can cross the placenta causing infection to blood and the baby and later miscarriage.

Soft cheeses that are on what not to eat during pregnancy list include gorgonzola, feta, brie, Roquefort and Camembert.

Other related products on what not to eat during pregnancy include unpasteurized milk and juices. These can expose you to Listeria too.

Better avoid these products when pregnant.

4. Fish with high mercury content.

Some fish are part of what not to eat during pregnancy.

The high mercury content can cause brain damage to the unborn fetus.

Consequently, the child may have delays in his development such as taking a long time to talk or walk. Fish high in mercury include swordfish, shark, king mackerel, tilefish, marlin, and albacore tuna.

Smoked seafood can also possibly contain the bacteria Listeria. This should also be part of what not to eat during pregnancy to prevent infecting the unborn baby and causing blood poisoning.

Fishes that are exposed to industrial pollutants should also be avoided. These fishes usually contain high levels of polychlorinated biphenyl chemicals.

Fishes from lakes and rivers are more likely to be exposed to industrial wastes. These fishes should also be avoided especially if they are exposed to pollutants to prevent complications: bluefish, salmon, pike, and trout.

5. Deli meats.

This is another food on what not to eat during pregnancy. Deli meats like those in Bologna and salami sandwiches are possible carriers of the dreaded Listeria bacteria. If you are craving for deli meats while pregnant, it is best to steam them before eating.

6. Herbal teas and other herbal products.

These herbs did not undergo testing by the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, it is hard to ascertain the effects they will have on the baby.

Some herbs, for instance, can lead to uterine contractions such as goldenseal and mugwort.

Herbal teas might also pose some risk to the mother and the unborn child. It is best to refrain from ingesting these herbal remedies while still pregnant to prevent adverse effects.

7. Caffeine.

A study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology revealed that pregnant women taking eight cups of caffeine or more per day may have increased risk of stillbirths, miscarriage or fetal death.

Drinking a lesser amount of caffeine may not lead to this problem. However, to be on the safe side, it is best for pregnant women to include caffeine in what not to eat during pregnancy list and stick to decaf coffee.

8. Alcohol.

This should definitely be avoided when expecting a child.

The American Pregnancy Association revealed that there is no safe amount for alcohol ingestion for expectant mothers. This means alcohol should be totally stopped while pregnant and when you are breastfeeding.

9. Unwashed fruits and vegetables.

As always, keep safe by eating only clean, bacteria-free products. Raw vegetables just like raw meat can be carriers of Listeria. Cook vegetables to be safe.

Wash fruits thoroughly to avoid getting contaminated with Listeria.

What Not To Eat During Pregnancy – The Conclusion

Avoiding what not to eat during pregnancy foods can help you have a worry-free pregnancy.


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