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On a beautiful day, there is nothing more enjoyable than an energetic workout by going for a jog. However, for parents, that is rarely an option as they need to take care of their babies. In such cases, the parents require a stroller that can allow them to take their children out without letting it affect their jog. A jogging stroller from BOB will be the perfect solution for such parents.

BOB is a renowned manufacturer of bike systems and strollers. Having been operating for a number of years now, BOB has established its strollers to be among the best in the market. Their strollers come with a remarkable array of features that are designed to enhance functionality and safety. The strollers from BOB are extremely sturdy and capable of handling difficult conditions easily. Here, are some of the best strollers manufactured by BOB.

BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller

Revolution SE Duallie StrollerThe Revolution SE Duallie from BOB was created to help parents with two kids. After all, it is difficult to carry around two separate strollers at the same time. In spite of the dual carriage system of the stroller, the functionality or the strength of the stroller remains intact. The front wheel can be swiveled allowing you to have a greater control over the stroller when taking tight turns.
The suspension system is one of the best in the market. At the same time, the wheels have air tires which add to the overall comfort provided by the stroller to the baby. The seats can be reclined whenever required. The canopies can be adjusted to multiple positions. While they are wide enough to offer enough protection, windows have been provided so that you can look at your children whenever you want.

Minimal effort is required to assemble the stroller for use. The frame is light enough for easing transportation and storage. The fabric is durable and can be washed easily. It is also stain resistant which is perfect for a jogging stroller. The harness system is a five-point one which keeps the babies safe even in the most difficult scenarios. The safety is enhanced by the presence of fasteners on the harness. Even more safety is ensured by a brake system in the rear wheels which can be activated quickly during emergencies.

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BOB Revolution CE Stroller

Revolution CE StrollerAs expected from BOB, the Revolution CE is an excellent stroller. It is filled with all the features that are essential for a jogging stroller. Superior maneuverability, lightweight frame, excellent suspension system and sturdy construction are just some of the features that this stroller from BOB possesses.

Your baby will have no problems in being comfortable inside this stroller even if your jog is a strenuous one. The suspension system is extremely good and ensures that the ride is exceptionally smooth. Shock absorbers are present in the wheels. The seat can be adjusted and reclined to give a greater degree of comfort for the baby. Moreover, it has been padded nicely. While the front wheel can swivel for greater maneuverability, it can be locked to enhance the stability instead.

High-grade aluminum alloy has been used in the construction of the stroller to keep it light without sacrificing its sturdiness. The lightness of the stroller makes it easy to carry around. Moreover, it can be folded quickly without too much hassle. There is a variety of storage options as well. Underneath the stroller, there is a hanging basket which can store everything you may require. Additionally, there are pockets inside and at the back.

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BOB Stroller Strides Duallie

Strides Duallie Fitness StrollerIt has been designed to maximize your performance while you go for a jog with your two kids. In fact, BOB has taken extra steps to ensure that this jogger can meet the demands of an active and fit lifestyle.

The stroller has been made from aluminum which keeps the weight of the stroller low. The low weight of the frame makes it easier to carry around even though it is a double stroller. The frame can be folded in just two steps for storing it. It can be unfolded in a similarly easy manner.

In order to help you keep your fitness level up, BOB has provided a Strides Fitness Kit which contains a handlebar console, exercise tubing and an exercise manual. The front wheel can turn for an improved maneuverability or locked for enhanced stability. There is even a suspension system that keeps the ride smooth for your little ones.

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In conclusion

Your baby deserves to have the best care possible. That is why you should not compromise on the quality of the stroller while purchasing one for your baby. Check the stroller thoroughly before buying it. A high-quality jogging stroller will last for a long time before breaking down. The fabrics should be durable enough to withstand the weather elements while providing adequate comfort to the baby. The frame should be strong and yet light enough for you to carry with ease. Check the fittings of the stroller.

A good jogging stroller should be able to keep your child comfortable even in the most difficult of terrain. Padded and reclining seats, comfortable harnesses and a range of other features can help in keeping your child cozy as you lead your active lifestyle. After all, there is no reason why your baby cannot have a good time while you are outside, keeping yourself fit.

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