Best Baby Swing For Small Spaces

Getting a swing for your baby depends mainly if you are planning to move from place to place.

Full Sized Baby Swing – There are designed for indoor use with a variety of speeds, music and toy bars. Often come with AC adapter.

Portable Baby Swing – Best for on the go parents as they can be moved easily. Handy when visiting! Often comes battery operated only.

Full Sized Baby Swing

Meant to set up in a permanent location, these baby swings are big. The motor is usually located at the top of the swing to provide a full range of swinging motion. The seat is located further off the ground compared to a portable baby swing giving your baby a longer time to outgrow the swing.


  • Most features available.
  • harder to tip due to wider base of support.
  • Larger swing arc.
  • Takes longer to outgrow.


  • Takes up a decent amount of space.
  • Not easily transportable.
  • Can be expensive depending on the features.

Portable Baby Swing

The portable baby swing is much smaller compared to the full sized baby swing making it incredibly portable which is great for those who are always on the go. The motor is usually found on the side of the swing which gives a shorter arc of swing compared to the bigger swing. A downside is that they are usually battery powered and therefore add extra cost to the swing.


  • Lightweight.
  • Takes up less space than full size baby swings.
  • Cheaper.


  • Less features.
  • Smaller swing arc.
  • Consumes batteries.

As you can see, each type of baby swing comes with it’s own very unique set of pros and cons. You will have to decide which style is better suited for your personal situation.

Best Overall Baby Swing – Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

One of the best selling baby swing in the market today, you can’t go wrong with the Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing.

Whether you are trying to soothe your cranky baby or help them to drift off into dream land, the Papasan Cradle Swing is a child and parent friendly to keep your baby safe, comfortable and occupied.

With a flick of a switch, there’s a magical starry light show which projects onto the canopy which is perfect to get your baby to sleep. Additionally, a total of 16 songs (eight daytime songs for restful, awake times; eight night-time songs to soothe; and two long play sounds) stimulate baby’s auditory sense as they entertain, engage, and calm baby.

When it’s nap time, choose one of six soothing speeds that work in either swing or cradle mode.

Note: Recommended that the swing be plugged in to any standard wall outlet with included AC adaptor, and that the swing be started with baby in the swing for best performance. Swing may make slight clicking noises when first started up, especially if started when the baby is not in the swing.

In battery mode, the Fisher Price Starlight Papasan Cradle Swing requires 4 “D” (LR20) alkaline batteries which are not included.

Most Versatile Baby Swing – Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer

The Graco Duet Connect LX Swing and Bouncer will bring out the best moments in the day while you are spending time with your baby. This ingenious baby bouncer also doubles as a baby swing chair giving you the flexibility to move around the house while keeping your baby cozy.

This terrific baby swing chair features gentle vibration to soothe and relax your child. There are two speed settings so that you can find just the right ‘vibe’ to calm her.. Your little one will love relaxing in this swing chair, and thanks to the 6 swinging speeds, you can find the right pace to delight her.

Your baby will discover all sorts of new things to surprise and delight her, and this baby swing’s 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds will be fun to discover together. You’ll love watching her giggle and enjoy these fun new sounds. The chair seat can also be reclined and there is head support for extra comfort. Play is an essential part of your baby’s development and she will just love reaching for the cute toys hung overhead on the mobile.

The DuetConnect lets you decide how you would like to power up: you have the option to use batteries when you’re away from a convenient power source or you can connect with a wall outlet, thanks to the chord and plug. Using the plug is a great way to save money on batteries, when using swing chairs.

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Best Portable Baby Swing – Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing

One of the best selling portable baby swing by Comfort & Harmony, the Comfort & Harmony’s Portable Swing in Cozy Kingdom fashion will surround your baby in a plush kingdom of luxurious fabrics and adorable jungle characters.

The swing is designed to fold in a snap to make your travel and storage easier.

There is also the TrueSpeed Technology which maintains the swing 6 consistent speeds-even as baby gets older.

WhisperQuiet technology ensures that baby won’t be disturbed by noise while swinging and listening to a choice of 6 melodies. You can easily control the volume level as well as the amount of time baby swings thanks to the handy swing timer with auto-shut off.

The ComfortRecline seat offers two positions and surrounds baby in soft fabrics and a headrest that can be removed as baby grows.

Infant Swing Buying Guide

When you are out looking for an infant swing, it is important to take into consideration of the features to narrow down on the best baby swing. Here are some list on the features to be taken into consideration:


Seat padding – A nicely padded seat will make the baby swing more comfortable. Padding too thin will be uncomfortable while padding that is too thick will take up too much room.
Seat inclination – Having different seat inclination will allow a bigger age group of babies. Newborns will prefer a reclined position while infants prefer sitting more upright.
Easy to clean – Bouncers which come with machine washable covers will make your life much easier as your baby may often make a mess.
Detachable swing seat – Some infant swings have a seat which can be completely removed from the swing frame to be used independently of the swing as a baby seat.

Swing Motion

Adjustable swing speed – Most baby swings come with adjustable swing speed setting which allow you to speed up or slow down at which the swing moves. Newborns generally prefers a slow and gentle motion while older child will prefer a faster swing. There are also some baby swings which adjust to the baby’s weight so the speed won’t slow down even as the baby grows.


Base Size – A wider base will provide sturdiness and prevent from the bouncer to be knocked over.
Portability – If you are a frequent traveler, it might be best to choose one which is light weight and portable.


Toys – Some baby swings come equipped with built in toys. The toys vary from brand to brand and can be as simple as hanging stuffed animals, rattles and mirrors to full on motorized baby mobiles and spinning projection night lights.
Music and sound – Choose a baby swing which have a wide variety of sounds and songs that are soothing.


Seat restraint – A 5 point harness is best as it restrains the upper body as well as the lower body. This type of harness is best because it keeps a baby from climbing out of the seat and plunging to the ground, which can happen much quicker than you’d think.  A 3 point harness that secures the crotch and hips will be sufficient for older kids. Ensure that the restraint will keep the baby secure as they swing!
Weight capacity -Do take note on the maximum weight limit to prevent any risk of danger. There are also some swing which have a minimum recommended weight.

Ease of Use

Power cord or battery operated – Full sized infant swings come with power cords while portable baby swings are mostly battery operated. Some baby swings are powered by both.
Easy Access – Portable and full-sized swings are available without a top crossbar, typically called an “open-top design.” This design can be easier to use because there’s no top crossbar to interfere with getting baby in or out. You have access to your baby from the top instead of having to crouch down to wriggle your baby in.

Baby Swing Chair Safety Guide

Safety should always be a primary concern over any baby products. There are a number of injuries by infants reported each year from baby swing chair and here’s how you should protect your baby:

Sturdiness – Your baby swing chair should have a wider base compared to the seat. Ensure that the swing doesn’t tip sideways when cradling and stays in place. In addition to that, having a rubber pad or non skid surface at the base will keep the swing from moving around.

Maximum weight – Most manufacturers have a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds. Ensure that your child is under the maximum weight as the baby swing chair can easily be toppled. Once your baby figures out how to wiggle free it is definitely time to stop using the baby swing. Escaping mid-swing could cause a serious injury. Experts recommend you stop using a baby swing when your baby can push up on his hands and knees.

Put seat on floor – Never put the swing on an elevated area or on a smooth surface as the bouncer might fall off the surface and endanger your child. Having pets around the swing might create a possibility of hitting the swing as well. The safest place to put the baby swing chair would be on a flat floor.

Don’t carry bouncer with baby in it – Even with carrying handles, there might be unforeseen circumstances which might lead to dropping the bouncer.

Keep a close eye – While a baby swing chair are meant to keep the baby safe when you are doing other things, your should always keep an eye to ensure the safety of your child.

Speed limit – With multi-speed swings, start with the lowest setting. High settings may be too rough for your baby. Very young babies tend to prefer slower speeds; older babies may like a slightly quicker pace.

Other Tips – Keep swing away from any strangulation hazards and ensure the swing doesn’t have any reachable sharp edges.

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