5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make – Are You Making These?

Does your baby sleep through the day, and keep you up at night? How can you help your infant sleep throughout the night?

A baby will often sleep from 16 to 20 hours per day. It’s too bad that this sleeping time is usually happening in 2-4 hour periods.

The key to helping your infant sleep is in a routine sleeping schedule. This type of consistency will allow both parents and baby ample time for a good night’s rest.

If you want to help baby to sleep through the night, you should create a bedtime habit and stick to it every night.

If you include relaxing activities such as a bedtime story, bath time, and cuddles it will eventually signal your baby that it is bedtime.

It is important to always keep this in mind; try and keep your routine as low key as possible as this will help your baby calm down and be ready for bed.

Be sure to follow simple and straightforward bedtime habits. If you try to stick to that same schedule every night and soon enough your baby will be sleeping through the night.

Try to shorten your baby’s nap time during the day. If the baby sleeps too much during the day, then he or she probably will not sleep as well or as long at night.

When napping during the day, keep the lights on and do not give the baby any hints that it is bedtime by not doing anything related to the night routine.

There is no need to wake the child from napping, but if the conditions are brighter and a little bit noisier than at night, then the baby will probably wake up sooner on its own.

You should always have the routine you have created in the same room. Don’t have it in your bedroom one day and in the baby’s room the next or in the kitchen or living room. You should always try to have it around the same time every day.

Although these are only a few tips on how to help your infant sleep at night there are many, many more to be found online.

It’s real easy to get lost in the amount of information available, hard to figure out who to believe.

The only advice I can give you is to read carefully and make conservative decisions regarding your baby.

Hopefully, these few tips will enable you to help your baby sleep through the night and also enable you to get the rest that you deserve. 


5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make />5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make />

5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make/>

5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make />

5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make />

5 Newborn Sleep Mistakes Most Moms Make.

(1) Making the room nice and dark and quiet when your baby naps during the day.

You may suppose this is a good strategy in hopes that the tot will sleep longer so you can get some rest.

BUT,  it isn’t helpful in the long run – i.e. Bedtime. When your newborn takes naps during the day have plenty of daylight in the house.

Let normal household and street noises exist. The less time the child sleeps during the day could mean better sleep at night.

(2) Letting your child just lie around in the crib or child carrier.

It is tempting to just let the baby lie around so you can do other things.

However, once again this is not in your best interest. the child needs to be lively when awake. This could induce sleep at night. Don’t you sleep better at night when you have been out all day running around?

Find ways to introduce physical activity for the baby. Play games, take the tot out for a fun outing to see new places and things.  My little niece loves to people watch.

(3) Picking up your kid as soon as the crying starts at night.

Believe it or not, the kid might not even be awake! I know I did this all the time with my kid. I did not know any better.

I learned that if you rub the abdomen, the infant just might stop crying and go back to sleep.

(4) Play games that excite the child.

When all the family is home in the evening they want to play with the kid.

That is okay as long as the activities are RELAXING for the tot! Tell Dad not to play airplane or catch the baby in the air before bedtime. If you have other kids, let them know not to excite the tot.

The best thing would be to hold your kid and read. Clear out the crib i.e. get the toys out. Give the kid a favorite toy to settle down with.

(5) Have no pattern for bedtime.

So, one night you do everything in your room after the bath. The next night in the living room and the next night in the baby’s room or even the kitchen! This is not a good idea. Your tot needs to recognize when it is time for bed & end of the day!

So do your best to begin the routine at the same time every day and in the same room. Have a specific nighttime song i.e. lullaby or music. Have a bedtime book to read.

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