11 Stroller Safety Tips For Using

Understanding safety tips when using strollers is one thing that parents should keep in mind to ensure the comfort of their babies and prevent accidents along the way.

After all, as with any piece of equipment for babies, safety should always be a main concern. Check out this post to know how to keep your child safe while in a stroller.

11 Safety Tips to Know When Using Strollers (2)

11 Stroller Safety Tips For Using

11 Stroller Safety Tips For Using

The following are among the basic safety tips when using strollers that every parent should apply while on the road with their babies.

1. Get the right stroller type.

This is an essential tip to remember before you buy a stroller considering the fact that there are different types available in the market.

Have a thorough understanding of what each type offers, features, benefits and restrictions based on the age, height and weight of your child.

2. Walk, don’t run.

As you push the stroller, it is always safer to just walk instead of running. You will never know if you lose control of the stroller, which can be a very dangerous thing to do with a child.

3. Practice makes perfect.

When installing the parts, folding, unfolding and familiarizing yourself with the features of the stroller, it always takes practice and getting used to this task.

Hence, give yourself time and make it a part of your habit to use the stroller until you are accustomed to its functions.

4. Don’t use a hand-me-down stroller without checking its history.

Although it may be a cheaper option to opt for a secondhand stroller, you should be aware of certain issues that come with it.

For instance, there may be a history of malfunctioning on its essential components such as the seat belt, brakes or wheels, and you are only risking your child’s safety along the way.

5. Use caution when opening and closing.

Each time you fold and unfold a stroller, you should be very careful in doing so since there are some parts that may be too sensitive when too much force is exerted.

Also, be sure you familiarize yourself with opening and closing the stroller to make sure it is working properly.

6. Don’t forget to buckle up your child every time.

Babies are naturally wiggly, which increases the possibility of them falling off the seat or getting into an accident when not buckled up.

This is why strollers have a seat belt, since this component keeps babies from falling or slipping when they squirm around or during nap time.

7. Navigating stairs and escalators.

When in a mall, it is important to know how to use the stroller when there is a need to go to a higher floor in the building.

If there is no choice but to use an escalator or stairs, just balance the stroller on each step to prevent it from tipping over or slipping.

8. Check the wheels and alignment.

Wheels should be properly aligned and balanced to ensure stability as you use the stroller. Check the wheels before you leave home and make sure these are dependable enough to keep your child safe with every ride.

9. Don’t fail to brake.

Each time the stroller is parked, or you need to rest your hand, always set the brakes properly. Even surfaces that may appear flat may have a slight incline, and your stroller may just roll away.

With this in mind, set the stroller brake during these situations to avoid injuries or accidents.

10. Nap, or nighty-night?

Is your child taking a nap while in the stroller? In this case, be sure the seat belt is fastened securely on your baby, and there are no risks of your child falling off the seat.

11. Don’t hang anything on the handlebars

Most importantly, keep handlebars free from any items whether it is a diaper bag or shopping bag. Fully loaded handlebars can tip the stroller, which is very dangerous for your child while in it.

Bottom Line

Consider these safety tips when using strollers to protect your child from harm and give her a comfortable experience throughout the ride.

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