Double stroller Or Two Single Strollers

Double stroller Or Two Single Strollers

When it comes to making a long trip and trying to decide how to comfortably transport your two toddlers, there are many different things that need to be taken into consideration and that you may not even have thought about.

One of the most pressing matters is deciding upon the types of baby strollers you should get for them: do you need a double stroller or two single Strollers?

Many people are asking themselves this same question, and the truth is that very few have any idea on what the best course of action might be. Is there even such a thing as the “best” decision in this case? Let’s find out!

Double stroller Or Two Single Strollers

Double stroller Or Two Single Strollers

The Age Old Dilemma

So, the scenario is simple: you and your spouse want to take a family vacation with your two darling children.

To make your life easier, you need to find a way to carry both of them around. The problem is, as we have stated earlier, what type of strollers should you buy?

Let’s analyze the benefits that both the double and single strollers can present you with, and see what unique factors may be involved that you haven’t yet thought of.

Why Should You Consider a Double Stroller?

There are many great advantages associated with getting a double stroller. Even though not everyone agrees on this, you should still take a look at some of them before deciding upon which choice is best.Joovy-Caboose-Stand-On-Tandem-Stroller-Review-1

  • First of all, there’s the issue of the budget you have at your disposal; many consider double strollers to be overall less expensive than two separate single strollers.
  • When you use two separate strollers, both you and your partner will be tied down to a stroller. This can be a problem when you want to get dinner or in case one of the kids runs away, and you (obviously) need more freedom of movement.
  • A double stroller can be a great way for your children to interact with each other and for you to feel safe that you have them both in the same place.
  • Lastly, it can be much easier to maneuver one stroller instead of having to keep track of two of them, especially if you have to take care of the kids on your own.

Would Two Single Strollers Be a Better Choice?

According to some, despite the benefits provided by a double stroller, two single strollers can be a better choice. Here are some of the most noteworthy arguments in favor of this statement:

  • Two single strollers can provide you with better mobility both when loading them up into a crowded car (which happens so many times when people go on vacation) and when handling them in a crowded area, where there’s not much space to maneuver a double stroller.
  • If your children tend to fight a lot, it can be much easier to separate them if you have two single strollers.
  • Most double strollers are quite heavy and bulky, so if you have to take them up a stairway and watch your kids at the same time, it can get real tricky.
  • If you really need a double stroller, you can always get two single ones and connect them together. The advantage here is that, while a double stroller can’t be cut in half (well, it can, but you’ll probably lose the warranty to say the least), two single strollers can be connected and disconnected at will using special stroller connectors.

What It All Comes Down to

Double stroller Or Two Single Strollers 1Deciding between the two options can certainly be a brain teaser, but, at the end of the day, it really depends how well you know your children and yourself.

Do your kids react better to a situation where they are separated, or do they behave well together? Do you find it problematic to leave one of them on their own?

Maybe you just can’t bear the thought of you and your spouse being separated or of separating your children. Also, last but not least, how much money do you have at your disposal, and is it enough to pay for two sturdy, separate baby strollers?

Each and every one of these problems must be addressed and the answer accurately determined if you want to know what the best choice would be in your own specific case.

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