Best Umbrella Stroller For Toddler

best umbrella stroller for toddler

Umbrella strollers are perfect for parents who travel or who are constantly on the go. Your children need to be older than six months for this stroller as this stroller is not suitable for infants younger than this.

The handle where you push the stroller is shaped like a j, and wheeling and controlling it is quite easy. It is also very light weight which is excellent for parents who travel and need to take the children with them. This stroller is very easy to wheel through narrow doorways, such as the door of an plane or public transport. For parents on the go, I would highly recommend this stroller.

For most parents who want the best for their child, buying an umbrella stroller takes thorough research. It can be tricky as there are a lot of umbrella strollers being sold in the market and it can be difficult to find which one is best for your child. One important consideration is that you will have to access your needs in an umbrella stroller and find the best one that meets your criteria.

With so many styles and features in an umbrella stroller, majority of parents are overwhelmed with good reviews and usability of each product especially if it’s their first time to buy one.  The brand, durability and price of umbrella strollers often make a lot of buyers confused. Hence we listed some of the guides and features to look for when buying the best umbrella stroller for your child.

Guides and Features of the Best Umbrella Stroller

1. Seat

This is very important for most parents in order to keep their toddlers comfortable while on their road journey. If your child will spend a lot of time in his stroller, the padding should be enough and comfortable. The fabric should be soft, removable and machine washable. Another feature to look for in the seat is the 5-point harness that is easily adjustable as this is the only escape-proof feature that you can use for a hyperactive child. The last feature is the recline positioning of the seat.  The recline mechanism should be easy to adjust.

2. Canopy

A canopy is the only thing that will protect your child from elements and acts as shade. It should be easily retracted and removable for cleaning. If you want to peek on your child, choose a canopy with peek-a-boo or plastic window feature. For separate covers, you can buy a UV cover for sun protection or a rain cover to protect your child from the rain.

3. Storage

This serves as carrier of your child’s belongings like diapers, bibs, wipes, hand sanitizer etc. The storage is only accessible under the seat and is a mesh type. It should be roomy and easily accessible if the seat is on a recline position.

4. Wheels

Choose the type and size of tires according to your preference. There are three types of wheels: air-filled, solid composite and hollow plastic. The solid-composite wheels lasts for a lifetime because they are strong and durable. The common size of the wheel is 4” in diameter, but some choose 6” or 8”.

5. Folding and weight of the stroller

Just how compactly does the thing fold? The stroller should be folded and unfolded with ease and should include a locking mechanism to keep the stroller closed when stashed inside the vehicle. As for the weight, umbrella strollers usually weigh less than 8 pounds. Lightweight ones weigh 15 pounds.

Choosing the Best Umbrella Stroller Carefully

Do your research carefully on looking for the best umbrella stroller to meet your child’s needs. The good sources to ask are other parents who already have experiences with umbrella strollers. Obviously you will always hear complaints and flaws of every stroller in the market but those do not always outweigh the pros.

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