Best Sit And Stand Tandem stroller

What is a Sit and Stand Stroller?

Sit and stand stroller is gaining much popularity among parents with a baby and a toddler. Available in mostly tandem style, the sit and stand stroller was first created by Baby Trend. Since then, other brands have came up with products similarly following the great idea.

These strollers have a regular seat in the front which usually can take an infant car seat while having a standing platform and a small bench seat in the rear for the older child to ride along. They are best for children who have a few years gap which can be a difficult age gap for a standard double stroller. They provide more freedom to the older child while avoiding the bulk of having a full fledged double stroller.

Depending on the usage of the stroller, we have shortlisted what we think is the best sit and stand stroller available. Here are the list:

Best Value Sit and Stand Stroller – Joovy Caboose Ultralight Graphite Stroller

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller is one of the lightest, most maneuverable sit and stand stroller available in the market today. The stroller is 20% lighter than the original Caboose and is by far lighter than most of the double strollers out there.

Due to the light weight, you can easily maneuver the stroller and can even steer with just one hand. The large front seat comes with three reclining positions for the front riding passenger. The rear are given the choice to stand and sit with the patented Stand On Tandem design. Each seats have the capacity to hold a child up to 45 pounds.

Storage wise, the Ultralight Caboose has a new and improved larger storage basket which will hold plenty during your outing. There is also the Joovy Parent Organizer included with the stroller. The Joovy’s signature oversized canopy has been designed with a sun visor extension which provides shade for both children.

The wheels of the stroller uses the same technology like skateboards with the highest grade sealed bearing wheels which is designed to reduce friction and support heavy loads providing the smoothest ride possible for your kids. It also comes with linked rear brakes for added security when the stroller is parked.

Lightest Sit and Stand Stroller – Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller

The Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller is by far the lightest sit and stand stroller available at only 17 pounds. It is perfect for those who are looking for a sit and stand stroller which can be easily be carried around.

The sit n stand ultra stroller has multiple riding positions allowing children to sit or stand along the ride while you can use an infant car seat in both the front and rear facing seats. The stroller accepts up to two infant car seats and can hold up to 50 pounds for each child.

Most Versatile Sit and Stand Stroller – Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller


The Graco Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller is ideal for growing families with 12 different riding options available for your two children.

The stroller allows you to stroll with your infant facing you at the rear seat while the multi position front seat can be reclined in the event where your baby need to rest.

For older children, there is the option of having a front seat view either by standing on the platform or sitting on the rear bench seat. The front seat can hold up to 50 pounds while the rear seat can hold up to 40 pounds.

Best Sit and Stand Triple Stroller – Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Triple Stroller


The Joovy Big Caboose Triple Stroller is perfect for families with three young children. If all your three children are close in age or if you are having triplets, you can purchase an additional Caboose Too Rear Seat which can be easily installed over the rear bench to add a third full size reclining seat with 5 point harness.

The stroller comes with two full size seats with canopies, two child trays and two foot rests while your third child can ride on the patented rear platform. It is also included with two universal car seat attachments which can accommodate most of the car seats. The front and the middle seat can accommodate a child up to 40 pounds while the rear seat can accommodate up to 45 pounds.


Best Selling Stroller Accessories



Summer Infant Snuzzler Infant Support for Car Seats and Strollers – This award winning Snuzzler gives your baby the ideal support for their back and head as they grow.

The unique contours fit well with all harness systems and car seats/strollers. As the padding is only on the sides and not the back of the baby, it does not interfere with the safety of the car sear harnesses.

The Snuzzler is made from plush velboa which is a low pile, faux fur fabric that gives your baby an extra warmth. It also can be reversed to a smooth woven fabric for a different look and cooling relief on the hotter days.



Stroller Organizer, Universal Fit By Ethan & Emma – This stroller organizer is compatible with most strollers and is made of high quality, easy to clean materials. It comes with 2 well insulated drink holders and there is a zip off pouch to bring all your valuables along.

The back mesh pocket can also be expanded into a long mesh basket to hold bigger belongings. The middle compartment on top has a magnetic closure which can easily fit any smartphones.





Dreambaby Stroller Fan –  Keep your baby cool and comfy with this stroller fan and avoid your little one from being overheat in hot and humid days. The fan comes with baby safe foam fins eliminating any risk of dangers to your children. A flexible neck and stout clip gives you the option to keep you child cool in any surface or angle.


Advantages of a Sit and Stand Stroller

Older child can be independent – Once your child can walk, it is going to be hard to keep him stranded in the stroller seat. By having such stroller, they can walk along you while having the flexibility to either sit and stand whenever they are tired.

Better Control – There will be times where you will not be comfortable with your children walking especially on crowded areas as both you and your children might be easily distracted. By having the stroller, your elder child can be carried along with the infant easily avoiding the thought of losing your child.


Disadvantages of a Sit and Stand Stroller

Limited terrain option – While moving around concrete will not be a big deal, it is going to be a little harded if you decide to go off road as they typically comes with smaller wheels. They can be a hassle to walk across difficult terrains such as grass or gravel.

Limited space – As your infant is going to take up majority of the space, there will not be a huge room for your older child at the rear especially when he decide to be seated. Fortunately, there are some sit and stand strollers which offer an optional full sized second seat to overcome this issue.


What to look for in a Sit and Stand Stroller

Mobility – The ideal stroller would be compact and lightweight in order to have the best maneuverability. The wheels should be designed to push loads easier and have a good suspension to provide a better ride.

Storage Space – The best sit and stand stroller should have ample space for your carrying needs such as your diaper bags, bottles, towels and other supplies. You have your consider your personal belongings as well such as your phone, keys, etc.

Convenience – Look for strollers that can be easily folded as well as being lightweight. The last thing you want would be a stroller that takes ages to fold or moving around with one that is close to impossible to carry.

Safety – Your children safety should be your first priority. Look for 3 point or 5 point harnesses to keep them safe in their seats. There are also other safety features such as rear brakes or front lock wheels to prevent your stroller from moving on an uneven terrain. In addition to that, a good stroller should have a higher max weight capacity (min of 40 pounds) for each seats.

Price – While budget can be an issue, you should choose a stroller based on your needs first. From there, you can shortlist them based on your financial standing.

Reviews – Last but not least, do look for high ratings as well as positive customer review. You are ensured of a high quality product and have a better understanding towards the pros and cons of your stroller.



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