About Us


Buying products for a new baby can be overwhelming. With so many products available, how can you know which ones are best for your baby? Let us do the research for you!

Knowing that most parents don’t have the time or energy to do the amount of research necessary for finding the best baby products.

Babykidshq.com provides you with information and descriptions about every baby product, the meanings behind different terms in the baby product world.

We help you provide you an overall sense of what users think about these various baby products, without having to do the tiresome research yourself!

Where applicable, Babykidshq.com also provides you with personal reviews of certain baby products, our opinions about various baby products and our interpretation of user reviews (we refer to this as “My Two Cents”).  The “My Two Cents” section of reviews is solely the opinions and views of Babykidshq.com and we are not paid to promote or insult any product.

In addition to our product reviews, Babykidshq.com  includes informational articles about taking care of a new baby and choosing the most practical baby products for your lifestyle and budget.  After all, why purchase an all-terrain baby stroller if you only plan on using it on the smooth marble tiles in your local mall?

We hope you find this site informative and that it helps you choose the best products for your baby!



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